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Bike license disappearance

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by mattb, Feb 13, 2010.

  1. G'day All.

    I know a few people who had a full bike license and rode back in the 70s or early 80s, and when they've gone to get back on a bike now, have found their bike license has disappeared off their license card and from the records, and that they need to start from scratch with Ls. It's a frustrating shock to them, not that they bothered to look before.

    What's up with this? Have they failed to pay attention when ticking some box to opt out of bike license renewal in return for a cheaper renewal fee for their broader cluster of licenses (car, truck)? Or has the licensor (Vic Roads - these are examples from Vic, but I'm leaving this question and issue nationwide in case it is wider) some underhanded un-announced policy (or did they have one) of having bike licenses lapse for those without registered bikes, without warning the holder, in some bid to reduce our number?

    I'm not being paranoid (though riders should be, slightly, when it comes to our minders), I'm genuinely interested in how this has happened.

  2. I can't speak for Victoria, but I had a separate bike license and car license when I moved from NSW to the ACT, where these two, and my light truck certification, were rolled into the one license. (this was in 1980, I admit.)

    When I moved back to NSW these endorsements carried over, with the consequence that despite not riding for nearly 20 years, I was able to buy a 600 straight off when coming back to riding five years ago.....
  3. In the bad old days Victoria had separate paper licenses for cars and bikes. If you rode and drove you needed two licences. Can't remember when they changed this into one license with separate endorsements for each vehicle but it was way past the early 70's (and I am thinking 80's). So if you had a license in the 70's (or whenever they changed) you needed to keep both up to date or else the one(s) you didn't expired. Anything that had expired didn't reappear on the plastic license when they were issued.

    I must have had one of the last paper licenses in Vic because mine expired just prior to them bringing in plastic licences and when I renewed I took the then option of paying for ten years.
  4. If a person hasn't ridden/driven for 20 yrs, then don't you think it's a good idea to "start afresh"

    I got back into riding because my son decided to get a bike, I was on of those people who found out their licence no longer existed and I was required to go through the whole learner and the 2fiddy thing..

    I was pissed when finding this out, but on reflection, it was probably a good thing... my riding skills were rusty and if allowed to go straight back into riding I would have bought a bike of 600cc or bigger and may have finished up hurting myself or an innocent joe public.
  5. I had two back in the 60's. you paid for each one separately, People who did not have a bike as well as a car, usually stopped paying the extra for the bike licence, so they expired, If they kept paying, they would still have their bike licence.
  6. This thread has appeared before, and I believe that the consensus was that if there is no bike registered in your name for a length of time, the endorsement is removed unless you query it.
  7. check your licence when its due for renewal to make shaw all licence classes are there
    got mine in early 1983 and the sold the xl185 ,was bikless for just over 6years and still retain my licence
    in nsw
  8. that was only a proposal.
  9. Ring and ask if there's any record of you holding a motorcycle license.
    If there isn't: dig up some proof.

    Walk into Traffic Authority office, tell them there's been an error with your reissued license and you need the R added.
    Provide proof if required.
  10. This happened to my Dad, he had a few different bikes in the '70s but eventually had to sell them to buy a washing machine, fast forward to 2005 when I started riding and all of a sudden his rider endorsement had vanished. He tried to find out what happened but nobody at the RTA was able to give him an answer, nor were they willing to just add the endorsement back on.

    He was eventually able to prove that he previously had a rider endorsement because he dug up some of his old court appearance records from when he was a naughty boy on his bikes. Even with the proof he was forced to retake the test (although he didn't have to go through the whole Provisional thing, he went straight back to his full licence).

    His mates who all used to ride with him (and sold their bikes around the same time) did not have the same problem, all of their licences remained fully intact. This was in the ACT by the way.