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Bike leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Cobes71, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. Hi All,

    I know probably done to death. :oops:

    But I have read alot of the old posts. I have been to two bike shops. Have spent alot, I mean alot of time searching the internet. :cry:

    I am after a two piece set of leathers to use on my Advanced Stay Upright Course and perhaps the odd track day in the future.

    I have no idea of the technical information.

    The more I look the more confused I get. See I am a value for money man. The price isn't always important, but getting your moneys worth is.

    I don't have to have the brand name or the coolest fashion. I would just like a functional set at a resonable price.

    I have noticed that you can purchase exactly the same Alpine star suits online from USA or Canada delivered for up to $600 cheaper delivered. What is the story there?

    But the sizing seems at the best confusing, with returns at purchasers expense both ways.

    Has anyone else purchased from an overseas company with success?

    There just seems to be so many options and brands.

    Any advice or help welcome. :grin:

    Thanking you all in advance
  2. Suits and boots you will have to try on first. If we can halve the price of any item by buying overseas as 1-off customers I don't understand why Aussie businesses can't sell it even cheaper. :?
  3. Australia's population = 20,000,000

    Australia's RIDING population = a lot less than that

    America's population = 280,000,000

    America's riding population = bigger than Australia's TOTAL population

    Seeing a trend here???
  4. Go to a few bike shops and try on the gear there. Record your sizing and style that you like, then you can just order online.
  5. This is what I plan on doing too. If you can get more value for money by buying the same product overseas then do it, but to avoid returns try it on locally first.
  6. Well, if more and more people DO buy from overseas, that's one reason why Aussie businesses CAN'T sell cheaper!
    Codes, have a look in the links directory. A number of local manufacturers and importers there you should look at, including those we supply local club racers. Some will make to measure. One or two of them sell on Ebay as well. Easier for returns than OS, and good pricing.
    You need (at least) double stitching, armour (or provision for) at knees, hips, elbow and shoulder and room for a back protector. Stretch panels can make them more comfortable, too.
  7. I have a AGV Sport Blade 2 leather jacket and it was $650 when I got mine 2 years ago and now they're $350 ,its a bargain IMHO ,very good quality jacket .
    And you can get pants to to zip to it ,for another $300.

    $650 for a very good leather set up ,is doing pretty good IMHO.

    There is probably 1000 better deals around ,but I found this good value.
    See Bikebiz website.
  8. Progress

    Hi All,

    Thank you for the pointers. :grin:

    I have made steady but slow progress. I brought some boots from Sydney City Cycles.( Alpine Stars Gortex $299)
    Gloves from the internet.( Collins Leather $65)

    But am yet to decide on leathers. There still appears to be major differences with prices here and around the world. Seems to be good value in the USA and Canada.

    Can buy a two piece Alpine Star Octane suit for $1199.00 Aus or pay $689.00 Can or Usa with $55 delivery including insurance.

    Tried some suits on today, both in Bike shops and even met a internet trader to view and try there gear.

    Does anyone have Collins leathers gear?

    As I viewed and tried it on today. It seems to be fairly priced ( Pants $250 buy it now, Jacket $399 buy it now) online. It appears to be excellent quality to look at and wear. I only make this statement after looking at most brands either online or at the now 5 bike shops I have looked at. It is double and triple stiched, sturdy zippers, the inserts have CE label and there is a 5 year warranty.

    But as I am new to it all unsure on how it functions while riding. Anyone tried Collins leathers or heard of them before?

    I am dribbling a bit now. :oops: But maybe there are others in the same boat, and perhaps the dribble will help them.:wink:

  9. Australian business=200-300% profit.
    US business= 100% profit. Their consumers just won't stand being ripped off, and know better.
    I know textiles, and Aussies are screwed badly on soft bike gear.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. I will have Nankai 1 piece suit leathers for sale. I just got them today, but I'm 5cm too tall. If you are around 175-180cm and around 75-80kg with slimish waist, they will be perfect. I just got them today and had to wait 2 hours for a mate of mine to rescue me out of them. I will be selling them for less than $400.

    I've learned that I need to order size 3L and not LL. Damn!

    I might post pics later in for sale section if I'm game enough to be trapped in straight jacket, I mean leather suit!
  11. i just bought an alpinestar octane suit from the US online, at motostrano, i called them prior and talked about sizing, after trying on some jackets etc, i ended up gettin the right size, just use comon sense and you'll get the right stuff. Also picked up a pair of sidi boots and some gloves while i was ordering, all good sizes.
  12. collins leathers are good value. i have seen them stand up to a pretty nasty slide, relatively unharmed. i wouldnt hesitate buying them.
  13. I have the Collins Suzuka 1-piece suit. I came off at Phillip Island and it held up well. I would recommend a 2 piece though. My next suit will be 2 piece, they are much more versatile.
  14. Is it possible to rent racing suits on the day?
  15. Yes:

  16. +1 on Collins. Good value, and just plain good.
  17. Brought a suit

    Hi All,

    Ok now I know alot about leathers. Thank you to all who contributed.

    And with my new found knowledge.

    I just popped out to Sydney City Cycles Campbelltown store on the weekend. :oops:

    And ended up buying a Joe Rocket GPX two piece suit for $799.:grin:

    So I found lots of deals all over the place and believe you can't go wrong with the overseas option. You must find out your size first by trying them on. Because the sizing is very different between all companies.

    If you have the money a custom made suit from DBT Leathers at Yagoona is the go for Sydney locals. And Tigerangel West Melbourne is the place for Melbournians.

    You may think then why I didn't buy any of these products. Well my procrastination and learning experience, basically had me running out of time. As I need the suit for 11 Feb 08.

    I did manage to get the Joe Rocket at $500 off its original retail price. So I am happy for now and it will get me started on the track.

    I will however be eyeing of the custom made, once I really get into it. Which at this rate is a certainty.:wink:

  18. The other option is a completely custom suit from somewhere like Thailand. I was picky as hell and got it landed with gloves for $750. It's holding up really well. Only repaired once, and that was when I hit a sharp rock which cut the leather.
  19. whats the deal with a 'completely custom' suit, devo?
    like you choose the fit, armour, design/colour/graphics, leather itself, everything? or?
  20. If you're serious about comfort then the only way to go is custom made.

    DBT leathers at yagoona made all of my race suits and also my custom made street leathers.

    They are custom made (but you can buy off the rack too) so you have full control of colours, styles, signage etc.

    Doug is an old Speedway champion (one of the greats) so he knows safety and comfort are vital.

    And their suits just reek of quality. I pulled out one of my jackets the other day and it is just so comfy and in beautiful condition... and it's almost 20 years old.

    the other advantage is if you do happen to go down the road, they can repair the suit for you... and things like fixing busted zips or making alterations are easy.

    you can buy off the rack stuff very competitively there or spend the extra cash and get made to measure.

    And for the prices you guys pay for your pakistan and chinese made Alpine Stars and dainese's you could have a custom suit that YOU designed and that is a one off.

    They us Aussie leather and make them all here in Yagoona

    Can't get any better, and they have saved my skin in a couple of major accidents.... one crash left me with multiple bone breaks as well as some plates and screws, but I didn't lose a mm of bark. In fact I've never had one of their suits wear right through in a crash.