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SA Bike learners with full car

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Glekichi, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. The transport SA site says that if no licence is previously held then motorcycle Ls must be held for 12mths if under 25 and 6mths if over 25.

    Does that mean there is no minimum time on Ls for me having held a full car licence for 10+ years?

    Also, will I have to do the hazard perception test later on my Ps?

  2. That's a good question - I'm in Vic but interested in the answer.
  3. lol. I love their (Transport SA) view...

    Learners and riders with less than 12 months experience (R-Date licence holders) are not permitted to ride high-powered motorbikes capable of unnecessarily high performance and speed.
  4. Hi G,

    What this relates to is the Learners Permit versus the R-Date license. If you have a full license, then you can go and get your learners permit for riding motorcycles (after completing the RiderSafe course). Then you can immediately book in to go for your R-Date license. You can return to do that when it is available and if you pass, you then get your R-Date license for 12 months. This means you are basically a fully licensed rider, but can only ride restricted LAMS bikes. After the 12 months your free to ride what you want.

    If you are on your Learners car license, or hold no license at all, then the time frames you quoted apply.
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  5. Is there any supervised riding with the SA motorcycle Learners permit?

    Is there any talk in SA about changing the motorcycle GLS?
  6. The only time your supervised on the bike is in the intial RiderSafe course then the follow up test to get your R-date license.

    I haven't heard anything about changing the GLS. But im not really in the know on that.
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  7. Thanks Slowrider,

    That was how it read in relation to the learners permit.
    Are you saying I dont need to go through the P1, P2, phases either, other than the LAMS restriction?

    Also, I know that the R-Date used to mean after that date = ride what ya like, but the wording now suggests that the date now only means the date that you can "apply for an unrestricted licence". i.e. you still have to go in and do some paperwork.

    This new system they have got is kind of actually making me feel old!!

    Although to be honest, I'm sure its just their poorly worded and ambiguous documentation! The minimal information provided on the website is rubbish and actually contradicts itself also.
  8. Yes, you can do your L's and immediately book and do your R-date course at the next available date.

    Correct, no P's at all.

    In SA, If you hold a full car license you go from L's to R-date, and don't show a plate, because you aren't on your P's, your on your R-date. R-date will restrict you to LAMS bikes.

    Correct on the date and paperwork. The date is simply the date after which, you go in and pay the $12 dollars or whatever it is to have the class R added to your license.
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  9. Thanks VTRAffair too!

    Ive just spent 30 mins or so trawling through the Motor Vehicles Act 1959 and found the same.

    Having a full licence already means they just endorse the motorcycle class on it and away you go... Nice.

    I thought they would consider you probationary when on a bike - no alcohol, no passengers, no over 100km/h even when the limit is higher, etc.

    Also interesting to note that the speed limit on Ls is now 100km/h - the Rider's Handbook still says 80!
  10. Just be aware guys, that there is a move to reshape the motorcycle GLS Australia wide so that there is no recognition of previous license experience and that you will have a bike L, P1, P2 no matter what age you start. That's why I asked the question about the GLS - wondering whether the rumblings have begun in SA.