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Bike Leans one way - Rider the opposite.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by xXx, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I went for a ride yesterday to Noojee and on Gembrook - Launching Place road he came up from behind me in an R1. I was just crusing not realy pushing it just at a leasure pace. Anyhoo he over took me at a corner in a fashion that i burst out with laughter. And then the second turn when he was in front of me and then the turn ofter that.

    I mean the bike leaned right and the rider to the left, damm funny as. Who tought him how to ride. Not just a little but he was almost past vertical in the other direction. I kept up with him for a few mins but then i just got back into my leasure pace its very hard to ride fast and laugt at the same time :LOL:, i mean i have seen this before but not to that extent.

    And then i got passed by a Gixer on a straight, i knew it was his mate as soon as he turn a corner in fron of me. I saw them both pulled over just before the T intersection and Lunching Place. I had a final gigle as i went past and onto Noojee in went.

    Anyhoo for the new riders when you turn left lean left with your bike and when you turn right lean right with your bike, THIS IS AT SPEED and it will make your bike more stable and you will have more grip. During slow manourvering yes lean in the oposite direction to stabalise the bike so your body atcs as a counter weight.
  2. Maybe its an R1 thing, but I do this sometimes when I'm just d!cking around. Definitely not the right way to go around a corner but changing things up every now and then doesn't hurt. :cool:

    Also lets you stretch out a bit :LOL:
  3. it does hurt. one day you will hit something and low side ;)
  4. But i thought that was the proper technique! :shock:

    Sometimes i would even stand up on the bike and ride it like a surfboard around the corner! And now you tell me that it"s dangerous!

    Why didn't you let me know sooner!

  5. I do that sometimes when I'm bored.
  6. isn't it how dirt bike riders ride, by leaning away from the bike :? .....maybe he is only new to road riding, and still making the adjustments?
  7. The editor (I think) of Cycle Torque rides that way. Take a look at some of the photos.


  8. The pics look right to me..

    The first one hes inline with the bike and the second hes keeping his head level with the ground while his body is leaning with the bike. (which your suposto do)

    I lean the other way when im going slow around corners just so i can lean the bike over... its all for sh!t$ and giggles
  9. Not the best examples (particularly the first) (I think you need to straighten your glasses with the second, however). Much more obvious in the mag.
  10. Your right, I will hit something and low side, what was I thinking :roll:
  11. Maybe he thought the R1 was renamed, Motard R1 to tards.
  12. Do this myself on occassion having ridden dirt bikes for years as a young'un, for me it was a way of keeping things stable and mostly involved a "leg down" aswell though obviously NOT with a road bike lol. Freaked RobSalv out once when he saw me do it on a tightening left hander.
  13. i did the same a little when i first got on but i guess that was due to some off road action prior to road.. thats why i love the ER6. if you close your eyes (in speaking terms only) you can almost feel a motard underneith you..
  14. Nah, I've seen it before. We were on a group ride to lobethal and I was behind a guy doing the same thing, and the further we went, the higher up he got! Couldn't for the life of me work out what he was up to. Anyway 45 or so corners later we arrive so I asked him, "Do you always ride like that?" he laughed a bit and apologised, then explained to me about how he likes to chop in his new rear tyre, all the way out to the edges. I can't say I agree with his methods, but the logic is there, by sitting over the top of the bike he can achieve a much higher lean angle at much lower speeds, and he feels more comfortable doing it that way, than taking his chances at higher speeds. Maybe your guy was just doing the same thing?
  15. mmm...yeah...quite possibly. I use the same method when I want to run a new tyre to the edges and get it worn in a bit. It can be a little unnerving when you hit that last fresh bit of chicken strip pushing a little harder through a corner than usual.
    But f he rides like that all the time, then he's just a nob. :LOL:
  16. I remember going for my licence, the instructor kept grinning as I executed some turns. He pulled me up with " Vin,.. you do realise you are riding bitumen right? "
    Was a hard habit to get out of. That coupled with my initial fear of leaning WITH the bike, my first few spur runs had me cornering like this:


    Took a bit of coaching from Raven and lots of reading to finally realise the method behind what I thought was madness :p

    OK you can all stop laughing now :oops:
  17. Spot on.