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Bike lane on Monash Fwy (VIC)

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Bosi72, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. Any chance of introducing a dedicated Motorcycle (Bus & Taxi as well) lane on Monash Freeway (Melbourne), or allowing riders to use far right emergency lane?

    There are at least one accident each day on Monash Fwy involving motorcycles, also police are getting tough on splitting lanes and traffic filtering recently.

    I believe something needs to be done to prevent those accidents.
  2. You want to ride at speed as close as possible to the WRB's??? :shock:

    Yeah, people need to learn how to bloody ride & drive whilst sharing the road.
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  4. No chance for both ideas; that is, having a dedicated lane &/or using
    the far right emergency lane.

    You dont see buses on the freeway & not enough motorcycles on the
    freeway to justify making any changes.

    Having a dedicated lane would mean that vast sections of the freeway
    will be reduced by a lane which will further increase congestion.

    Using the right 'emergency' lane is a ridiculous option. Using that small
    lane for traffic would increase your chance of having an accident; not
    reduce it.
  5. The majority of that document is good. It looses the plot when they suggest/recommend that riders be allowed to use the RHS Emergency lane. :shock:

    If you get tapped for whatever reason, even at 30km/h you are going to hurt a lot when you hit those wire ropes and you will hit them really quickly.

    Drivers will see it as riders "pushing in" further alienating them.

    As MG says, you take away a lane and you increase the congestion.

    Do I have the answer.....no
  6. Hey Bosi, did you get nabbed as well? I've been posting as well regarding to this. Its taking me an extra 1/2 hr atm. I did ride in the emergency lane (had bike trouble at the time - turned out faulty pc3 but thats another story) - got a flat and all I did was use it for a couple of k's!
    Really sucks at the moment - may have to resort to dand road.........or even worse back on the train!
  7. Its not like we need a full lane. Riding a narrow lane off to one side, that's clearly marked for our use, so drivers are expecting us to be there, sounds a better option than splitting. Something i think perhaps even the cagers on the freeways would support.

  8. >You dont see buses on the freeway & not enough motorcycles on the
    >freeway to justify making any changes.

    But I see at least once a day traffic accident on Monash Fwy involving motorcycles. No matter how slow you ride, or how visible you are, or even if you don't lane splitting some car/truck driver will decide "it's easier for bike to move" and use your lane. I simply don't want to be "the next one".

    >Using the right 'emergency' lane is a ridiculous option. Using that small
    >lane for traffic would increase your chance of having an accident; not
    >reduce it.

    Agree on parts of the freeway where that lane is less than 1m wide (between Warrigal Rd an City), but disagree where emergency lane is 3-4m wide (e.g. between Warrigal Rd and Dandenong).

    The other important thing Melbourne is getting bigger and bigger. In 1990's Warrigal Rd. used to be a population centre of Melbourne (e.g. half people lived on east and half people lived on west side of Warrigal Rd.). Now that line has been moved to Springvale Rd. You'd be surprised how many houses are built each day in Cranbourne, Pakenham, Berwick, etc, etc...

    So back to the point, 3-lane freeway is definitely not enough for such amount of population. Not sure even 4-lane would be enough, but step-by-step. Excluding tunnels, I reckon it wouldn't be a big problem to add another lane + "emergency lane" on Monash Fwy.

    I would be very happy to use dedicated lane and ride 60kph all the way to City and back, rather than doing the same and risking my life between cagers.

    >Hey Bosi, did you get nabbed as well?
    No mate - not yet:) however I don't use emergency lane for more than 50m (shortcuts on Burke Rd. and Toorak Rd.). I think law says that's the maximum you can use it.

    Also, I have set my personal limits on lane splitting. If the traffic flows more than 50kph I don't do lane splitting and 60kph is the maximum speed I usually ride when lane splitting.

    Finally, only modification (new feature) I have to do on my bike is to make a special (lane splitting) switch which would turn on left indicator for 2 seconds, then right indicator for 2 seconds, then left, then right....
  9. At $1,000,000 a km, I reckon there are quite a number of problems with your theory ;)
  10. #10 Bosi72, Apr 22, 2007
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    Is that a two or three days Transurban's profit ?
  11. And ShittyStink should pay for the extra lane from Pakenham to the city why?

    Oh, I know, because it's your idea and you think that's the answer to Melbourne's congestion problem......
  12. OOOPS....... :LOL:

    This is from the Transurban web site.......

    Q. What are you doing about fixing traffic congestion in Melbourne in general?

    A. Transurban has reached agreement with the State of Victoria and VicRoads to jointly fund upgrades and improvements to the West Gate–CityLink (Southern Link)–Monash Freeway, a 75 kilometre corridor.

    Together, Transurban and VicRoads will undertake significant improvements over a 4 year period to alleviate congestion on Melbourne’s most important road corridor. The project will tackle congestion and improve capacity by:
    • implementing a tidal flow lane on the West Gate Bridge which will create 25 per cent additional capacity during peak periods, delaying the need for bridge duplication from 2007 to 2012;
    • constructing a series of overpasses between the West Gate Bridge and the CityLink Tunnels to eliminate the need for weaving and improve safety;
    • adding extra lane capacity in each direction from the West Gate Bridge to Heatherton Road at the eastern end of the Monash Freeway; and
    • implementing the most advanced Freeway Management System in Australia to deliver maximum benefit from the additional capacity being added to the corridor.
    The result will be to alleviate existing congestion problems, improved safety and typical travel time savings of 20 minutes, with a maximum travel time saving of 38 minutes from Narre Warren in the South East to Werribee in the South West. The project enhances the corridor’s role as the economic spine of Melbourne, linking the port of Melbourne and the central business district with industry in the city’s west and manufacturing in the east.

    You guys need to read the paper or watch the news a bit more... :wink:

    They definitely travel on the Freeway, I know cos I travelled on one to Spencer St Station (or whatever it's called this week), and we travelled right through from Berwick......in the right hand lane....lol
  13. That is from the same company that promised Melbourne that ShittyStink was so good that drivers would be able to pass under the toll gantry's at 100km/h and not have to slow down at all for the toll gates during peak times.

    Since its opening you have never been able to pass under a gantry at more than crawling pace, "yeah, we'll help alleviate congestion, you give us the road and all the money for 34 years, she'll be right mate."

    Believe whatever you want to believe dood. I for one don't bother reading the papers that shittystink put out.
  14. Gee thanks Vic :LOL:
    I'll have to be nice to you now. :p

    The RH lane stuff came originally from Dr Marcus Wigan in his "Powered Two Wheelers in Victoria" paper in 2000 - still the best thing written on motorcycles in this state.

    The City of Casey actually wrote to the Minister a year or so back suggesting this as well. The RHS lane is not an emergency lane unless otherwise signed and therefore is legal to use in some circumstances.

    Any implementation of this would obviously require that the barriers be moved but I certainly wouldn't be holding my breath. :roll:

  15. To the best of my knowledge the geographic centre of Melbourne is still around Chadstone SC. You obviously don't travel too far from your home turf.

    The growth around Laverton/Werribee, Melton/Deer Park, Sunbury/Diggers Rest, Sydenham/Taylor's Lakes, Greenvale/Roxburgh Park, Epping/Mernda has been just as big as in the South East. Of course we in the outer West have the advantage of being 30-40km closer to the CBD than those in 'Nam and having a tollway most of the way in discourages many from using it meaning my trip in takes around 25 minutes for the 25km run in each day.
  16. I guess coming up with a solution is a little harder then coming up with arguments.........pollies do it all the the hey?

    Took me ages this morning, extra 1/2 hr (I left an hour earlier)

    Doing my bit for the environment by adding to congestion and using more fuel (light came on 25km earlier this time)

    Just let me lane split in slow traffic is all I'm asking! Locked up the rear wheel coz boredom and complacency hit in.....Whereas when I lane split I had to fully concentrate for 40mins I was lane splitting. (And no - I only lane split at 20km extra relative speed) I've seen an accident and it scared the crap out of me. Guy next to me was going WAY too fast and t-boned a car coming out of a driveway in stationary traffic.

    At least on the SE you dont have driveways, just lane changes which in my opinion is MUCH safer! Relative speed isnt much greater that way.
  17. And maybe if you opened your eyes you'd have noticed that my reply was in response to "vic's"
    It wasn't limited to the Transurban website...it was in the daily papers etc.
    I was just pointing out that what you were sh*t canning and basically saying is never gonna happen is in fact, gonna be a reality according to Transurban & the Victorian Government....