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VIC Bike lane crackdown

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bugeater, Mar 14, 2007.

  1. One of the guys at work got pulled over for riding in the bike lane. Apparently there is a bit of a crackdown on this at the moment.

    So all you criminals :roll: that use the bike lane - be careful.

  2. Any info on where this happened?
    The plod have been intermittently doing this around Flemington Road, Royal Parade and Rathdowne Street over tha last year or so.
    Have to say it's had it's affect and I no longer take the risk any more.
  3. Eastern Freeway, last Friday and this morning (that I know of) 3x TMU cops hiding about 200m before Hoddle Street off the Bus Lane. They were booking a bike and a car when I went past.
  4. So is it bike or bus lanes??
  5. Is that for riding in the emergency lane? I don't believe there are bike lanes on the eastern...
  6. Time to glue the fake pedals on!
  7. Would be interesting to strip down a bike, and fit it with pedals. Full faired pushbike... :grin: worlds best braked pushbike perhaps??

    Ride it around and see what happens, better be wearing the bike shorts and pushbike helmet too! :LOL:
  8. why do SO many people wear those shorts... fair enough if you "race" on teh weekends or something but seriously...

    if you ride a pushy to work in that lycra crap, then get changed there.. do the world a favour and take it like a swimming lesson... if you wear the HEAVIER clothes most of the time, then you'll find it easier in spandex on race day.

    the entire world does not need to see the following:

    a: your underwear and sweat patches
    b: your pi$s stains
    c: the folded looking kabana covered in your best socks where a penis would normally sit
  9. Believe it or not there is a real reason why people wear bike pants. Apparently the stitching in normal pants chaffes like a bastard. Bike pants don't have stitching in the important places.
  10. Spot on also the chamois is nice and soft against the ahem. Try riding a pushie without them for more than 1/2 an hour and you will know what I mean. Of couse there are shorts that have an overshort known as modesty shorts. That's what I have cause I'm huuuuuuge :LOL:
  11. Yep two riders pulled over this morning, first one I think for bike lane issue on St Kilda Rd just before Toorak Rd, the second inside lane of St Kilda Rd just before Arts centre, looked like he was pulled over for splitting.

    This sucks cause of these police added 15 minutes to my journey. :evil:
  12. Grrr, there aren't enough cyclists to justify keeping the lanes clear. The bike lane on Tooronga Rd is an essential element of my 50% time saving in peak hour traffic. Maybe it's time to ride on the other side of the road.

  13. a: you don't wear underwear under lycra.
    b: you don't p#ss in your lycra :? :roll:
    c: why are you uncomfortable at the sight of another mans "bits"? That probably says more about YOU than the lycra wearer :wink: :oops:

    Your statement was spoken like someone too FAT to wear Lycra! :p