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bike knocked over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by furrycreature, Dec 6, 2007.

  1. i work at an equestrian centre with lots of places to park. one of the owners backed into my r6 with his four wheel drive and knocked it over :mad: . there's a hole in the left fairing from the towbar and the right side is scratched from when it hit the ground. i was not happy. at least the guy came and found me and gave me his details. you should have seen the look on his face when he saw i was a girl :twisted: it could have been worse i can still ride it and his insurance will pay for it. although it has a custom paint job and candy paint is almost impossible to match, so i don't know if they will respray the whole bike or just the bits that need fixing. :(

  2. Sorry to hear. I know just what it's like to have custom paint get damaged. :(

    You're so lucky, though, that it's happened the way it has, with the owner being responsible enough to do the right thing. I know that doesn't make you feel any better right now, though.
  3. same happened to me on my Spada. Total damage: $0- , courtesy of it being unfaired and previously dropped a few times at low speed.

    I consider it a lesson cheaply learnt and now avoid parking anywhere near 4WDs ... if a 4WD owner can reverse over their own children (it's happened more than once), they can do it to your bike.

    Sorry to hear about your situation but at least the owner came forward and you should be compensated.

    I saw one post on another forum where the culprit actually cut the front mudguard up with a knife to remove the contact paint from the other vehicle (!!!) How's that for a lowlife hit & run ...

    So there are worse things that could have happened.

    This seems like a pretty common occurrence, so we should all give some though to where we park and how likely someone is to boof into your bike.
  4. Sorry to hear about the fall :(. But about getting it fixed, don't accept anything other than returning it to the exact state it was before the stack. If they propose just touching it up and it isn't right, you tell them where to stick it - they WILL try to fix it the least amount possible, so you will have to push them. Good luck.
  5. There client did damage to your vehicle, if it can't be matched then they will have to make sure it loooks as good as when you had it origionaly. The point is you should not be out of pocket for there issue. that is the nature of insurance.
    And if they say no it will not be totaly resprayed even if it doesn't match say think again and send them a letter of demand stating that if it can't be matched you expect it will be resprayed to be consistant.
  6. I had the same issue. But thankfully only with the new scooter I bought. Parked in a motorcycle parking area and a truck from a nearby worksite backed into it.

    Insurance is yet to claim off them as they claim all their trucks are contracted and they don't manage the insurance on each one. :roll:

    Needless to say, parking you bike anywhere except at home carries this risk.
  7. im the first one at work. the guy had to drive around and then infront of my bike to park on the grass where you're not supposed to park, and then he reversed when he could have driven out forwards (would make more sense to follow the driveway). there is 5 acres to park in around the stables (literally), you would think i would be safe parking it there plus my bike is candy orange, you cant miss it
  8. This thread would suggest the contrary. :wink:

    Sorry, not meaning to make light of your situation. :)
  9. Stupidy is the most amazing and abundant substance in the Universe.

    If we ever work out how to make an engine which runs on it, all our energy needs will be met ;)
  10. This is my favourite quote for today :grin:
  11. Candy paints are almost impossible to match..

    They will blend in to the othe panels..

    See if you can use your charm and get a respray out of the panel shop.. :grin:
  12. Somebody did this to me at Harry's cafe two weeks ago... bike's still at the shop getting fixed. T_T Least I was there to see it... we decided to split the repairs because I should have parked further away. Was too hungry and not thinking. :( His 4WD rear windscreen is so high that my bike wasn't at all visible through it.
  13. When you take it for quotes make sure you are very clear to the repairer that it has to match 100% or they'll keep doing it until its right. That'll make sure they quote high enough to do it properly first time.
  14. Sorry to hear about your bike.
    I've had a couple of mates who had their bikes damaged while parked. One of them was at work and someone must've been in a bad mood and kicked it over, however, someone was nice enough to put it upright again. Another friend parked it near a pole and someone must've thought it'd be a laugh to sit on it, scratching it against the pole in the process. None of them were compensated.
  15. He didn;t
  16. Swiiiiiiiiiiish :rofl:
  17. Maybe you need one of those long orange flags they have on push bikes!

    Hope its fixed up quickly for you!
  18. that sucks !!

    stopped in at mt ommaney shopping center years ago on my zzr 600 only 2 months old was only in at kmart for 15 mins came back and found a crowd around my bike and it on its side leaking fuel every where , a couple of guy,s helped me pick it up apparently a mum in a commodore hit my bike backing out of a parking spot and laid rubber leaving the scene

    was not happy
  19. Oh furrycreature, youv'e only just got that bike to, well not long ago anyway! Poor thing, I feel sorry for you. At least he was good enough to come get you and pass on details. It will be good as new in no time.
  20. Just make sure you tell the spray shop that you will not except anything less than a 100% match on the bike!

    I got a good friend, who had his car recently hit from behind, but he has full custom candy apple paint scheme. The car(skyline) is only valued at $14,000, but the insurance of the guy who hit him, has just paid a total of $28,000. Due to it was near impossible for them to match the paint, so they ended up painting the whole car! :grin:

    Due to the fact that it is NOT your fault and his insurance is paying for it. You just have to stand your ground and except nothing but 100%. It is your right, to have the bike back in the same condition it was at time of accident and if your candy paint was immaculate, than they have to bring it back to that state. If you get to choose the repairer than go get alot of different quotes and talk to the actual painter and tell them you are really really fussy! That way straight of the bat, they know they cant just do a boggy job and give a really high quote to do the job properly! Good Luck