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Bike knocked over

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by gordon, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Was having a great day at university and i come to go home and find that the bikes been accidently knocked to the ground. Dented tank, scratched tail, scratched pipe, mirror broken. Definently destroyed my day. Had to ride home with one mirror, interesting in peak hour traffic!! So i come to this humble establishment asking if anyone saw anything, or perhaps caused it. It happen approximately 10:30am this mourning at the unisa (adelaide) bike park, paved concrete next to the coffee shop!! I just feel sick that someone has violated her. No number left, apparent heaps of witness, noone left a number! Got one guy who can recognise but thats a stretch if i ever see the guy again. This couldnt come at a worse time, i was just bout to sell the bike to upgrade. Ill lose my rating one if i claim. PM if ya know anything, or perhaps you did it so we can work something out! Other then that dont know what to do.

  2. You dont talk like it was 'accidently knocked over'.
  3. According to the witness he said it was an accident. Its a red vtr250 by the way
  4. so the witness seen it happen and didnt stop the clown from leaving???

    bad luck though, unfortunately with out prrof you wont be able to achieve anything even if the witness point the prick out, it ill be a little to late with no way of proving that who the witness is pointing at is the actual scum

    what happens if the witness says it was someone that it wasnt, and you try get the money out of them? or more to the point if the scumbag has already left, i dont really think he/she will admit to doing it
  5. sorry to hear that mate but theres no where safe to park our bikes these days. i also go to unisa city west and i never park my bike at the ends of the bike spots in north tce as it will be the first bike to be knocked. it happened to my brother when he parked there. some lady backed into a harley which fell on top of my bros cbr. the lady did a runner but witnesses saw her. a few wks later she drove by again as she lives near by so the guy in the harley made her pull over and got her details. she was shitting her pants but she admit it in the end.
  6. That sucks mate, specially when your bout to upgrade. Also the fact that there would have been someone who saw it happen, none of them probably bikers :(
  7. My bike was parked there today! I have never seen so many bikes and scooters there before.

    I noticed my left mirror had been moved. I checked to see if the bike had been knocked over, but there were no marks on the body or exhaust, so I assume not.

    Whereabouts was it? Up against the fence facing the street, or closer to the coffee shop next to the chain?

    Stinkin' cowardly scumbags. :mad:
  8. it was on the fence away from the coffee shop, right down the bottom away from the entrance. It must have hit another bike, cause theres tons of silver paint on mine, i first thought it might be the top coat but it rubs off. Im concern bout that guy as well, especially since i know how shit i feel. Having to folk out some money for something i didnt want. You didnt happen to see anything suss?? Some had to see something, thered be at least 50 around that area a day.
  9. Nah, sorry mate, I didn't pay much attention to the bikes / scooters there.

    I'm inclined to snap a photo of what's parked next to mine from now on!
  10. when i got there today i was abit greedy and parked with a fair bit of room both sides but not enough 4 some1 2 park, i guess the guy thought he would test that theory!! im gonna ask round 2morro, hopefully some1 saw something. A plate would be good. Hoping theres cctv round there!!
  11. This type of thing would make me feel sick!
  12. What times did you arrive and leave?
  13. got there round 10:20 and had lectures all day til 4pm. The guy said it was around 10:30
  14. So only 10 mins after you arrived... bugger.

    You would think someone trying to lift one or more fallen bikes would raise people's attention... especially considering it's in full view of the cafe's tables outside.

    Either there was noone outside the cafe at that time or it's just another sad reflection on the cowardice of much of society who (predictably) did absolutely nothing.

    If I saw someone do that they would F*CKING NOT FORGET IT!

    What time you heading in tomorrow?
  15. The guy at the Cafe said that there was quite abit attention, a few people gathered round. Not hime of course. But no numbers left on the bike or in the cafe. I got an early lecture at 9am so bout 10 to. I always thought it was a good spot due to so many people around the area, plus only bikes can get through so i thought they would share the same passion and owe up.
  16. :roll:

    Me too. Guess not. :cry:
  17. why didnt you just park at the normal bike spots?? less people around to knock it over.
  18. guys, you can EASILY avoid this crap if you do what I do & park in an enclosed car park.
    I';ve been parking in the old john martins car park for a year & a half, never had anything happen to my bike EVER.

    it costs $2.50 for bikes/scooters.

    ride in, approach the guy at the booth. he'll tell you you just ride to the booth when you leave & pay him $2.50 & out you go.

    you can park anywhere inside as long as it isn't a car park. as you ride up you'll see bikes & scooters in nooks & cranny's.

    i think $2.50 is WELL worth the piece of mind.
  19. If you park 300 days of the year, that works out to $750.
  20. Bad luck mate. But I hope you're not an english major!