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Bike knocked over

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tunaranch, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. Hmm... So I'm at work and I get a call from one of my workmates saying me bikes on the ground. After being convinced that this wasn't a prank, I head out to have a look and see the bike standing upright, but the parking job was a little sloppier than what I remember. I put it down to bad memory, and just as I was walking away, I notice a puddle of dark fluid near the bike, around where the fuel cap would be if it was knocked over. So as I'm checking it out, this woman comes up to me and tells me that she had indeed knocked the bike over.

    So I we exchanged contacts with the intent that I get her insurance details later, when she's home.

    In the meantime, there doesn't seem to be any apparent damage, apart from some scratches on the fuel tank, and a dent on the little plasticky cover that says 'Yamaha'.

    Is there anything I should check out before I ride home? Anything in particular that I should tell the insurance people?
  2. well make sure it hasnt leaked brake fluid. By the time I found mine it was too late.

    That damm stealth paint again. Poor bloody cagers, never had a chance of seeing it
  3. check your pegs are not bent
    check your mirror isnt broken or bent
    check your bars are straight
    what end of the bike did she indeed hit ?
    side ?
    check the wheel is not buckled
    do you have a digital camera?
    or a camera phone ?
    Regardless of the small amount of damage you see take pictures ASAP
    slow impact collisions can do just as much damage
  4. Basically what Revilo said.

    I remember when my bike was knocked over it took me 24 hours to realise that i had snapped my footpeg.

    Take the time to have a real good look at it and make sure nothing else is damaged as it might not be apparent on first inspection.
  5. True dat. Go over it with a fine toothed comb...
  6. When you think of it in terms of inpact damage its a vertical fall. More damage than a lowside. Less scraping.. but usually the dumb bastard makes up for it by dragging the thing around trying to get it up. (without having a clue how)

    What did he say? SMIDSY (er she) Is your bike also painted in stealth Orange?
  7. PHONE YOUR INSURANCE and let them handle it all. Its not lodged as aclaim by you and they are Pros at handling this stuff. Its what you pay them to do - if you're concerned ask them if this qualifies as a claim when you go for insuracne in the future, it doesnt, i have done it recently when some one crashed into my wife's car.
  8. For sure... Check out the whole lot. Make sure nothingis bent or out of aligment.

    Definitely tell your insurance company. It will be her insurance that pays for any damages.