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Bike knocked over while on holiday...TWICE

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by Freeform, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Got back last week from a two week holiday, my bike is fine but we just noticed that sandra's vtr 250 has a massive dent in the tank where the handle bars have impacted on it, clutch lever is bent out of position majorly, the part of the frame were the pillion footpegs sit (have a look at a picture of one side profile) has been bent...

    We live in the cbd so some drunk doochebag has obviously come, played cowboy on the big bad motorcycle, then realised he was too retarded to put the sidestand down and just dropped the thing...With the lock on, on the left side. Hope it landed on his f*cking leg...

    According to security and local employee's it happened on a weekend night, and was on its side for some time, probably from late night to early morning.

    Excess is going to costs a fair bit I imagine, and the resell value is shot now there is a dent in the tank... Not to mention the increase in premiums if i do claim. So some drunk RETARD has cost me at least a grand..

    Pisses me off even more that its my girlfriends bike and she loves the thing.

    Going to get a hold of the security footage hopefully, but its not going to help with anything.

    Bloody immature wankers that can't hold their booze... Whats with australians and getting out of control and doing the stupidest s__t...

    So over it

    End rant.
  2. Sucks mate. I'm also cringing for the day when some drunk hobo drops my bike and costs me a grand due to my excess. :S
  3. Time for a battery + capacitor security device*? ;)

    Sorry to hear it man - people can definitely be dopes!
    If it was indeed someone having a 'ride' rather than just stumbling into it, I wonder if a couple of cheap covers for the bikes when left overnight or for several days might help to discourage any future incidents?

    *Given the level of risk/danger, obviously I'm not seriously suggesting this - but damn it would be good to watch some dumbar$e cop a buzz when jumping on someone else's baby! hehe
  4. I'm sorry what?

    Where was it parked because as it reads, you left your bikes parked in the cbd for two weeks and went on holiday?
  5. hi mate

    i can totally empathise with you. my bike got dropped in a public car park before xmas. the damage was in the thousands, and i am still waiting to get her back.

    make sure you get the CCTV footage pronto as sometimes they overwrite the tapes after 48 hours. if your man can find the incident on tape. hopefully you can make a claim for this with your insurance?

    it is worth looking at the CCTV footage. i thought it was probably a kid who'd jumped on and dropped it. but in my case it was actually a scooter rider was used the same car park who was at fault. perhaps it might be the same case for you? and then if you can get their rego from the tape you can organise the claim like i did.

    i feel your pain. good luck with that.
  6. ...don't park it on the street? I can't understand people parking their bikes or precious car on the street. I hate my car, it has comprehensives, its on the street. The bike doesn't and will never, ever, be on the street!

    Heck for 2 weeks away, ask a fellow netrider next time. Or even park it at the airport, or ask a carpark how much to park for 2 weeks.
  7. hope you find them. yea, I wouldn't mind storing it in the garage for you next time, plenty of space for a few bikes or 1 cruiser.
  8. Yep my bikes were parked in the CBD for two weeks, as they have been for the past year. Probably not the best but its where I love so what can I do.

    They are parked at the back entrance to our apartments, located in a slip road, under good lighting in a secure carpark with security camera's and patrolling guards every night. Ah and it neighbours a cop station.

    They would be in the lock up area in the upstairs carpark, however our 'delightful' building manager refuses to let bikes up there unless we pay an extortionate amount to purchase a car space (a revelation after he noticed that the bikers in the building, almost all of whom pay for car spaces, park their bikes in the VAST areas of unused UNMARKED space in corners etc out of the way on the upper levels.
    Heres the kick, he doesn't want our bikes parked downstairs at the entrance, which is the next safest place and where everyone does park now (so we HAVE to pay).
    Needless to say we told him to f himself.

    Anywho not sure what to do with the bike, nothing I really can do, as for the situation with their parking, its pretty secure and quite public. We were just unlucky (I think it was around new years, which means the city would have been brimming with people drunk, naturally some of them must have spilled over into the sliproad)

    Long story short, we were moving anyway and at the end of the day its just a dent in the tank, slightly bent noncrucial frame structure, maybe a wheel alignment and a new lever (unless the mechanic says the handle bars are bent or the frame is cracked or something...urgh we will get to that when we come to it)...

    Right...now the positive view fails when I list the damage like that :)

  9. Maybe you building manager is trying to "persuade" you to pay for the expensive secure parking.
  10. That sucks sorry to hear that. I park on the street in Sydney CBD and have left it there overnight sometimes when I've been sick etc. Hate to think that this sort of thing can happen.

    Its a good warning though, as a community perhaps we can help eachother out in times like this (as gogoplata has kindly offered) not everyone has access to a secure car space. I only have a carport but I park my bike there and its reasonably secure - located in inner west Sydney, happy to help out any NR's that may be looking for a space whilst they're on hols.