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Bike knocked over (Parked)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Disco Spider, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. So I haven't been around much since I first joined a while back, but I've been clocking up some serious distance on my 2 stroke.

    I commute about forty minutes every day to the city, and today I had my bike parked on corner of little Lonsdale & Russell st. I've parked there a few times without issue, but today I came back to my bike to find it had been knocked over. (It had fallen, then somebody had stood it back up before I returned.)

    Obviously a worst nightmare come true, worst part by far, was my bloody gear knob had been snapped off! Coupled with a brutally deformed clutch. Needless to say, it was an entertaining trek home.

    So now I'm reaching out to my fellow riders for some advice:

    Mates reckon I should hit up local shops for their security footage to figure out what happened. Is it worth the hassle? Even if I figure out who did it, what could I do?

    When it was on its side, fuel leaked all over my side panel, staining the plastic. Any ideas on a solution?

    I'm ok mechanically, but if someone could give me a list of things to check after a fall. E.g. Anything that could now be misaligned, flooded, unserviceable. I'm worried wheels might be an issue, and chain, obviously indicator is fubar.

    And finally, if you have any nuggets of wisdom about parking in Melbourne cbd to share. I parked away from pedestrian thoroughfare, angling bike to account for slope, and next to a streetlight, incorrectly thinking if it fell, it would simply rest on the pole. Although evidently, I did something wrong.

    Hopefully we can turn this into an emergency faq for anybody who goes through something like this in the future.
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    I assume then this is your bike?
    One of the MSR riders saw it fallen over and leaking fuel and picked it this afternoon. He suspected a gust of wind blew it over or more likely the side stand sunk into the soft tarmac (hot-day) and it rolled forward.
    Park it in gear and try to have something solid like a tin can under your stand....avoid parking next to poles, murphys law says it will only dent your tank and then scrape all the way down.


    Generally bikes dropped from a standstill normally fare pretty well with most damage being cosmetic.

    My checklist would include
    -Check fairings for cracks and replace/ repair them with fibreglass patches if required
    -Confirm steering is still straight (if not the triple clamp will need to be adjusted, no biggie)
    -Unbend or replace levers and readjust them
    -Check bolts are tight across the bike and components such as brake callipers are still mounted solidly
    -Ensure that all brackets, mounts/subframe components such as for the exhaust, fairing and pegs haven't been cracked
    -If possible pull the fairings off and look for anything loose, leaking or unusual with a torch such as hoses.
    -Check radiator for leaks or dents and confirm its hoses haven't split or in a new location , also check that the coolant overflow bottle is still at the correct level and hasn't cracked.
    -Check oil level and top up with fill, look for leaks.
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  3. Its probably got a gel mate battery that does leak but if its a fluid type wash it down NOW. Battery acid wreaks havoc when it spills.
  4. That sucks big time.
  5. Soft asphalt could be the culprit here.
    On my bike, it's near impossible for it to drop on the stand side. Almost needs to be picked up and flipped.
    So I park it with a decent lean onto the stand. That way it takes a deliberate effort to drop it either side.
  6. Yeah Nicholai, that's her.. Pretty upsetting seeing her like that. Would you mind letting me know where you got the picture/who took it?

    So had a good look today, and I guess a big reason I suspected foul play was that the bike has NO dents, not even a scratch, and if it wasn't for the broken levers, I don't think I would've noticed!

    So detailed observations:
    Having it so close to the pole might've been why it fell, but I can see major rubbing just in front of seat, so it seems the pole did break the fall too. Aside from that paint wear, and side panel being stained, there is no other plastic damage.

    Do you guys reckon I'll need a new clutch holder, or just the lever?
    And once again, if anyone has any tips to remove petrol stains I would love to hear them!

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  7. You sure that's petrol?
    Not some wetbag carrying a coffee who walked into your bike??
  8. Update:

    $150 later, ordered clutch & gear levers, new indicator.

    Ignored what everybody was saying and just tried to remove stain. No idea if Aprilia just have great plastic or if auto glym instant bike shine is amazing, bit all that's left is a tiny 1 cm mark, and edges of decal stained.

    All that's left is damaged paint on tank from rubbing, and bent footrest bracket DSC_1450.JPG

    Igolf, realising how easy to clean it was in the end maybe it was coffee... But I'm gonna go with petrol as that makes me feel better about life.

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  9. Hmmm. Curious. Reckon a coffee-carrying office monkey thought it'd be cool to sit on someone's bike and take a selfie, only to spill their coffee and knock over the bike in a panic?
    Mysterious liquids near poles.... doesn't sound very promising, but I'm glad you cleaned her up and hopefully it doesn't happen again!
  10. smile-dog.png_full.

    Ohhh that's good..... He parks next to a pole and thinks the "mysterious liquid" is coffee or petrol. I didn't mean to knock the thing over. I was going for the trifecta, two tyres and the pole, and missed. You could say I was pissed that I missed ..... hope the bike is OK and my vitamins wash off too.
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