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Bike knocked over - looking for a good repairer in Syd

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by dru, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Hey all,

    My bike was knocked over by a reversing car on Saturday night. The lady was nice, and didn't do a runner. Left her details etc. so now her insurance is going to pay for fixing the damage.

    Being a total noob to motorbikes, I'm not sure who are the reputable repairers in the Sydney area. My bike is a Kwaka ZXR250 and I'm basically looking for a repairer that can do some mechanical (mostly electrical issues after the accident with minor mech damage) and also a fair bit of fairing work.

    Any recommendations? Money is obviously not a concern as it is insurance work after all.


  2. Hey motoct in cabramatta

    danny is a hard working guy. drop in let him know what happen and he'll sort it out for you.

    97541885 shop number
    04134618207 danny
  3. here we go again . is bike ridable . my guess is yes . get some quotes for repair everything that is . or was damaged. including helmet if on the bike when it hit the road . arsk insurence for a check made out too you so you can cash it for money for you too spend . dont let the bike shop get the check :wink:
  4. yes I'm aware of the insurance process. insurance will provide a cheque to me as there's no way i'm having that cheque go straight to the repairer.

    the actual question was that I'm looking for recommendations regarding reputable repairers in the Sydney area.

    siwanut, motoct seems like they specialise more with CBR's, is that right?
  5. Lloyd Penn @ Artarmon did my insurance work 4-5 years ago.

    Do a search for his name and see what other members have to say about his work. I've taken my various bikes there since 2000.

    Give him a ring tomorrow, explain your situation and see if he's able to help you out.
  6. Hey Dru,

    danny does all types of bikes, but he LOVES his Yamaha he has 3 that is his own - 2 custom R1's and 1 he's going to prep soon i presume. Despite the love of Yamaha, He does every make, Custom jobs to basic cosmetics,

    with insurance, he'll talk to you the process and show you what the inspector might say "no" to. everything will be explained once he see's the bike.
  7. just save your money for the next bigger bike . dont waste big money on your 250 :? were u there when she hit your bike . or did she leave a note on bike ?? lets just say what might of happened if you were not there when it happened??she might of just drove off . why did'nt u report too police . u got witnesses?? :eek:
  8. One of Danny's customs;


    I've seen some great cbrs come out of there, zxr250 is very similar in alot of ways too.
  9. get new panels prices on the quotes from the the asesser. u dont want be ripped of by anybody here . the moron driver. the bike shop. the insurence. get a cash check for everything . put in the bank . save for your next bike :wink:
  10. Update - ended up going with Collide-A-Scope up at Hornsby. They're going to pick up and drop off the bike for me too so that was a winner for me as I'll be away from Sydney in the next few weeks.

    Lloyd Penn sounds good too but they didn't offer the pickup in my area and he offered another bloke to call, but that means dealing with receipts etc and working it out with insurance which equals hassle. The guy at Lloyd Penn was nice enough over the phone though.

    Anybody had any work done through Collide-A-Scope? Any opinions on them?
  11. good choice. used them twice. top work and nice people.. can sometimes take a touch longer but that dont matter when the work is good.
  12. u could cash the check in your bank and save it for your next bike :roll:
  13. fredie, why would I want to do that if I can't even ride the bike around properly now? And then I'll sell the bike at a lower price because of all the damage on it as well? You're not making any sense mate.

  14. you could fix the bike so its ridable .it does not need too be perfect looking like new .just safe enough too ride . cause it will be droped again . then u have too it all over again . the shop will just rip u off . i take it . its your 1st bike ?? dont spend thousands and thousands on your first bike . thats all .
  15. +1

    Nathan & the boys at Collide do an excellent job. You won't have any issues with them.
    They're even painting my fairings for my 'blade at the moment. (Which reminds me, I should give Nath a call & see if they're ready to be picked up).
  16. Just reviving a new thread seeing as I dropped my new pride and joy 4 days after getting it. ](*,)

    There's basically just one large scratch on the fairing and about three others on the dropped side (including one on the pannier). Any idea whether I should suck up the the comprehensive excess of $550 or if it'll be cheaper for me to organise collide-a-scope to do the work directly? (if indeed collide-a-scope are any good).