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bike knocked over in car park

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Snowman, Dec 7, 2008.

  1. So the some dude at work runs up to me today and is like "hey you own a black motorbike thingy dont you???" and i go "YES WHY WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO IT!!!?" :evil: and he tells me theres someone here who "thinks he knocked it over" great. so out i go and the guy is all apologies and is gonna pay for it. he somehow didn't see it and hit the back smashing the brake light and left hand indicator before it fell onto his car and now you can see more primer than paint on the left hand lower fairing. :mad:

    Its just a ZZR250, but its MY ZZR250, and im wondering whether i should just let him off with a new brake light cover and indicator and maybe $100 compensation for the fairing damage.
    or should i make him go through his insurance company (i dont have any insurance does this matter?) and get shiny new bits.

    his car was a pretty newish merc something, it suffered some dings and scratches to the front quarter and door, so my bike didnt go down without a fight lol.
  2. well, as you said, its YOUR bike.

    It was in good nick before he hit it, so it should be in good nick when he fixes it.

    I say get some quotes, take them to him and let him decide if he wants to fork out the cash or go through insurance.

    Similar thing happened to me in my car last week, sure i dont drive the fanciest or newest beast around, but before it was hit it was in good nick, so i want it fixed to how it was.

    As long as the guy is a reasonable person (which sounds like he is as he didnt just drive off in the first place), he will repair it to how it was.

    my two cents done!

  3. Firstly, calm down, its a bike not a person.
    The guy who hit it has already said he'd compensate you so if your bike was in good nick before then get it in good nick again. Like someone else suggested, get 2 quotes and see what he says.
    If he is as reasonable as you suggest then it will be fixed, yes shit happens, it's no good getting steamed up about it.
  4. No, it doesn't matter that you don't have insurance.

    Take it to the mechanics, get a quote, and call the guy with the quote. Tell him he can either pay for it through insurance, or by cash. Either way, get the bike fixed so its like it was before the crash!
  5. You may as well get him to go through his insurance, the excess probably won't be far off getting him to replace the parts and chip in $100 compensation anyway. He has done the right thing and taken responsibility for it though which is good so he should accept having to make a insurance claim
  6. Bike went down.

    Chance of mechanical damage.

    Take to bike shop, get it checked out and quoted on. Give Mr Merc option to cash or insurance it - it's up to him.
  7. the guy was driving a merc! he's got the money, so nail him for it. get the quotes, give him a buzz with the cost of full repair, and give him the choice of how he covers the cost.
  8. I would be grateful he didn't take off
  9. And that the guy you work with told you about it.
  10. Be more careful where you park, or it may happen again, with worse consequences
  11. My other ride is a 1977 Volkswagen Kombi. It's bright orange. About the size of a small house. Blind people trying to park their Hyundai's crash into it's solid steel bumpers all the time and leave various shades of paint on my otherwise white bumpers. Kombi damage = 0, their car = -1 shade of paint.

    Now I love my Kombi and I take exception to this, but they never have the decency to say 'oops'.

    At least your guy had the courage to say sorry and admit fault. My only solace comes from the fact that the myopic people who hit my van have to pay for their damage whilst I whip out the Cut'n'Polish.

    As nice as he was, though, make him fix it. It's the least he can do.
  12. Get quotes and go the most reasonable route to fix it.
    Then get some insurance so you're not "that guy" some day hitting a Merc.
  13. +2^4, at the end of all this, get some friggin third party! (it's CHEAP!), also, be sure to thank this guy for actually having the decency to own up to it, assuming this all goes straight. And calm the fark down.
  14. +1

    He could have skipped leaving you to pay for it (with no insurance no less...)

    Thank him for hanging around and send him the quotes and let him decide whether he goes through insurance or pays cash. Your bike will be good as new by the end of it...

    Accidents are accidents. When you crash into someone someday (to be sure it will happen), with no insurance, I'd love to see if you don't bolt in a split second.
  15. I agree with the pack. This guy could easily have bailed and left you with the bill. Be thankful for his doing the right thing. I've had my old bike knocked over and the culprit was nowhere to be found... not to mention the countless amounts of scratches i've found on my car over the years :roll:
  16. +1 it suxes that it happen, but at least he didn't do a runner, get it fixed and enjoy it :)
  17. +1
  18. + whatever number we are up to...

    could have just left your bike where it landed and took off. Get a couple of quotes and get it back to the way it was - and then get some insurance :wink:
  19. Well whaddaya know?

    A parked bike got hit by an honest man driving a merc. :shock:

    Who woulda thunk it? :-k
  20. ha, yeah he seemed pretty honest but maybe he saw the camera pointing right at my bike. and i actually parked in a designated motorcycle bay.. thought it would be relatively safe as its a bit away from car parking, and i didn't think i came across so cranky haha - thanks for all the advice, gonna call some places tomorrow and sort this out. should i call a dealer or find a bike smash repairs if they exist? thanks again.