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Bike knocked over, damaged the day before selling

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by dcart3r, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Well, I have to say, I'm extremely disappointed and disillusioned by some of my fellow bikers. I parked my bike yesterday in the Australia Square motorcycle parking bays on Curtin Pl and as I approached my beloved VTR250 in the afternoon to head home I noticed the right mirror neatly placed on the seat and thought to myself - fcuk! No note left. Bastards.

    Seems it was knocked over at some point during the day, there were no other bikes or scooters near it when I arrived so not sure if it hit the ground or another bike or what. The mirror itself is OK, the damage was done to the perch, which includes the brake fluid reservoir and is going to cost me about $300 to fix. There is also a very small dent on the right edge of the tank, which I assume I can't fix. No other visible damage that I can detect, besides some light scratches on the bar end.

    Just to top it all off, I had sold the bike a couple days ago and the buyer was due to pick it up today.

    All in all, just very disappointed with whoever caused the accident. I parked next to a green Ninja in the morning that wasn't there in the afternoon whose rider might have been at fault, but obviously I can't be sure of who actually knocked it over. Bugger.
  2. Not to sound like a Grinch mate , but who rides a bike they have just sold?

    Just get insurance to fix it.
  3. That bites, but reinforces the rule that a bike sold is one you shouldn't ride. Murphy is a bastard like that.
  4. Sale was confirmed yesterday, during the day.

    Would prefer to avoid any insurance claim, but will look into it regardless.

    But yeah, I'm kicking myself now for riding it, although a bit hard not to when it's my only form of transport.
  5. Hi,

    That really stinks. that kind of thing has happened to my car before.

    Once again an individual believes that the "right thing to do" is to assume someone they don't know should have to take responsibility for costs related to damage they cause.

    When I think about the people that do this kind of thing is that Karma really is a biatch.

    Good luck unloading the bike. On a brighter note though are you upgrading?????

  6. That sucks hardcore mate, you really don't need a downer like that when you just had a high.

    Is the price you quoted new or second hand?

  7. +1
  8. +2

    It unfortunate that these things happen. But because they do, I wouldn't risk riding a bike I've sold for that reason.
  9. Wow, that sucks mate.
  10. I would never ride a bike that I had so.... oh STFU you grouches!

    He has a bike for sale, and rides it daily as his only form of transport. He rides to work, or where ever and gets a call during the same DAY, that an interested party is now buying. WTF do you want him to do? Walk it home then and there? Grow up and stop nannying people.

    So thake your +1's and +2's and minus them you twats. Give him some condolence rather that kicking sand in is face, ffs.

    Thats it Joel, and for the record that really bites dude, I hope the buyer is still interested.
  11. Hi Envy-t.

    Have a mung bean smoothie, a cup of kumbaya and point your twat finger elsewhere.


    I said that bites. If that isn't condolence I dunno what is. Not kicking sand in his face, but I'm not paying for the damage sustained either.

    Just because the confirmation of sale came through the same day doesn't make the idea that a bike sold shouldn't be ridden unreasonable. I'd even be reluctant to use a bike I was apparently close to selling. If you'd do otherwise then that's peachy. Murphy is never far from sight in my world and I am wise to his tricks after a number of tastes.
  12. Well, your fcuked now, aren't you.
  13. dcart3r - the same thing happened to a mate of mine who was selling a car in highschool. A girl at school crashed into it in the carpark, and then argued the replacement value.

    Hopefully the repairs won't cost you too much.

    I think that just about covers it :LOL:
  14. sexy_2.

    Why're you swearing? I'm not swearing.

  15. On a bike forum somewhere the bloke who bought it is posting about the bike he just paid for getting damaged before he got it from the seller.

    Mate I sympathise with your position, but he's the one who has been hard done by here. Once you've sold it it's not yours so you don't ride it and that's that.
  16. yeah rotton luck mate.

    but could be worse...

    i sold a car, and a couple days before the new owner was to pick it up, the car was defected (major, engineering, epa, etc) when i drove it to vicroads to pick up some transfer papers!!!! that trip to vicroads cost me $1000!

    so, bottom line, NEVER drive/ride/etc anything you've sold. murphy is a prick!
  17. Hmmm, some varied responses here, but my main motivation for posting was to draw attention to the lack of respect and/or care taken around fellow bikers machines. Was just supremely disappointed when more often than not I hear or see bikers going out their way to help other bikers.

    All the Murphy's law garbage may or may not be true and anyone can argue all day about not riding or driving any sort of vehicle once engaged in the sale process, but a person's motivation or reason for using the vehicle may be completely warranted. An example is the bloke who was set to buy my bike wants to check it out tomorrow at lunch time in the city. So obviously I have to ride it to work tomorrow, that's a given. But I also have to visit my parents this afternoon for my old man's 50th birthday. Do I ride it in this instance or not? It is my only form of transport after all.

    As far as upgrade goes, I just put a deposit down on a 2008 Honda CB600F. Sydney City has them for $10K at the moment, which was smack, bang on my price limit. Would prefer a new Street Triple R, but just not in a place to spend the extra few grand at this stage. I'll be sure to post the obligatory new bike message when it arrives in a few weeks.
  18. I've just read through all this, and am not going to comment on whether the bike should have been ridden or not.
    But where is the proof that a fellow bike rider knocked it over ?
    Who is to say it wasn't sitting there all alone and some nuff nuff thought it would be ok to just sit on it for a laugh, and knocked it over in the process?

    my 2 cents
  19. That being the case of course you will continue riding the bike as it's not sold and no guarantee that once he sees it he'll buy it.
    A bike is not sold until at the very least a deposit is paid.
    The bloke might have said if it's as good as you state consider it sold but that means nothing until you have at least a deposit.
    I've never sold a bike but I would assume there are lot of tyre kickers out there.
  20. Good point, well made.