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Bike knocked over again

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by jim24x7, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Hi all

    My cbr is just over two years old and thus far has been knocked over three times:
    • Pushed over by some louts
    • Reversed into by a car
    • Reversed into by a car again yesterday (whilst I was watching having a coffee).
    Is this normal for an inner city bike, which is a commuter and spends a large proportion of its time on the street ?

    Not sure if I am unlucky or this is something I need to get used to. Any practical tips on how to avoid these incidents would be appreciated.
  2. If you are parking between cars always park behind the one which has a driveway in front of it. This car has no need to reverse and the car to the bikes rear can see the bike in front.
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  3. It is ok to park on pedestrian path.

  4. Depends on location. Victoria yes, NSW, not really.
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  5. Interesting geography: I'm not sure the Southern Highlands qualify as 'inner city'. (Yes I know, you were in Sydney when it happened) :LOL:

    I like smileedud'e's advice, park so that no one can back into you....
  6. I always park as far away from the kerb as possible (without getting outside the parking line) so that the cagers can see the front of your bike when they look in their mirror.
  7. Yep, at least in Vic you can park on the footpath unless signed that you can't.
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    Park at the front of the row.

    Park where the cars are really close together so that it only falls on the next car not all the way over. Plus if you park like this often they will get their passengers to guide them out. If you leave heaps of space they get too cocky
  9. insure it and get a better bike !
    because some twat is going to do more that tip it over.

  10. what?! OMG my fault. didnt know NSW has such a stupid law
  11. Not so stupid for the pedestrians who try to use the "FOOT PATH"!
  12. Have you ever SEEN the bikes parked in Melbourne? We park on the part btw the footpath and the curb, out of the way of pedestrians.

    It's a GOOD law bc it encourages people to ride their bikes into the city, thereby reducing congestion. Ask the Sydneyites on here how difficult it is to find motorcycle parking in Sydney? How often are their bikes moved by other people, or knocked over?
  13. Yeah Sydney parking is bullshit.

    Park and take up a full car park each bike. The council will soon provide parking
  14. Yeah, I agree wit this if you have to. You pay the same rates and rego costs so don't worry about taking up a full spot. If another bike rider spots the room they might take up some of the rest of the spot.

    I avoid between cars. Luckily I can often finds spots around here at the end of parking zones to fit into. They are usually just after the marked zones but just before the No Standing sign.

    In the local Woolworths undercover car park I go in behind a column that supports the roof. Plenty of room and won't get someone thinking they have spotted a park only to get part way in and do the "sh!t, there;s a Bike in there".