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bike keeps cutting out

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by imsleepy, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. hey guys

    i have an arpilia rs250, 2 stroke bad boy

    had some trouble with the bike today, not the best day since it was 30 degrees and peak time traffic, anyway, here comes the problem, i rode to work today, it was all fine...nothing wrong with it at all.

    6 hours later, i start the bike, it was normal as well, took off and felt it was abit hard to since i had to rev it abit more than normal, took no notice of it at all, thought it was normal, im coming to a stop 10 metres away from where i started at a traffic light, the bike just cuts off, fair enough, thought i just stalled since im still a noob. start the bike again, put it into first, and it stalls, start again, this time i rev the shit of it to get it going, sweet i thought...its going but i have to rev the crap out of it to get it going, im reving it at like 7000rpm and its going 10ks, i still had the clutch abit on cause i felt if i let go of it fully, it would have just conked out again.

    by this time 5 minutes have go by, so i just ride it back, struggles i may add, i was 20 metres short of my target when i stalled again, so i just wheeled it to my work carpark.

    i'll also add, oil has also been dripping out....alot of it i may add, i just thought it was normal since i just topped my bike up with oil and it was just the excess, i don't know if the oil was brake fluid, oil or transmission oil.

    thats the end of my story, if anyone can help, god bless you


  2. When was the last time it had a top end rebuild?

    Where is the oil dripping from? What colour is the oil that is dripping?

    I'd really need these questions to be answered before I can help out more :p

    A real long shot is checking your gaskets, PVs, and even your pistons/rings.
  3. yeah more info.
    I reckon u killed a cylinder. Start it up and fell the headers of both cylinders if one of em is colder than the other (significantly) thats ur dead one.

    If one cyclinder isnt firing check the spark plug to see its its covered in black oil or wont light up, And check for shrapnal on it just in case aswell.

    otherwise more details please
  4. one was done at 13000kms and 20000kms, im not sure which one was the bottom or top, but one of the rebuild was replacing the piston pin and assembly, cylinder base and head gasket, crankshaft assembly ex valve cover gasket and roller cage(i don't know what both of these are) and on the receipt it also said tha the powervalves assemblies are needing to be replaced which came to a grand total of 2.3k. im hoping that this is what i have to do again.

    i think the oil was a reddish colour, which was also the colour of my engine oil but i can be full sure if it is the engine oil, i can't tell where its dripped cause i haven't taken the fairings out yet

    other than that, i haven't checked anything, im gonna get the bike towed to a machanic, nothing much i can do i think.

    i know i haven't given much info, but you guys know how much im going to be expected to pay?

  5. red/green is usaly the colour of 2 stroke oil.
    caramel/honey being gearbox oil.

    Wat i think has happened is a cylinder died. The 2 stroke oil is still getting pumped to that cylinder and is building up and leaking out somewhere. Do what i said above at least get a look at the spark plug wit will let u know for sure.

    Is it just me or is it a real realy bad idea to get top end rebuilds on diffrent cyclinders at diffrent times. Its seems sucidal and that would cause performace problems at the least.
  6. good diagnosis crutch....I really dislike being the bearer of bad news and was hesitant to say it.

    How many k's has the bike done since the last rebuild, and type of 2stroke oil you use?

    I agree, you've munched a piston somehow, and the fuel/oil mixture is just filling up the cylinder until it overflows somewhere. You've probably got your gearbox oil contaminated as well.

    The $2.3k to do 1/2 a top end rebuild sounds $$$!

    What it will cost now to get it going again? Hard to say unless we can see what the damage is, and what needs replacing.

    As a minimum, it's an entire top end, might as well do both pistons at once. From the sounds of it, you'll need a new barrel (or atleast re-nickasil coated), PVs, all the usual gaskets and bits and pieces.

    As you have most likely munched a piston, you would need to check out the bottom end to see how much junk is floating in there and if you caused any damage to it.