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Bike just stopped!!!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Doggy, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Ok, riding home last night & its about 11pm and overcast and lightning, wind etc and I come out of a right hander and open open the little girl up. She surges and dies. Hmm, thats strange I think to myself (cue loud crack of thunder, very dramatic). Check fuel...2/3 all ok. Hmm just won't start, nothing at all. Big storm coming and it's late and I've just finished putting out a fire and putting down a beer and all I want is to get home... I take the gloves off and feel around on the bars. Wiggle the key? Nope nothing then... Yep the freakin kill switch is on. :mad:
    I know it's there for energencies but does it have to be so bloody big that my boofy gloved hands don't accidently hit it?

    But all is ok, nobody from work saw me and I know most people on here would have some silly tale to do with bikes. So go on have a smile and a chuckle and end your day laughing

  2. hehe you just KNOW it was the vampires who flicked the kill switch... maybe the ghost of a rabbit who you killed while riding, late one thundery night...
  3. doggy,

    Thought I was only one who's done this! You have made me smile before I hit the traffic.
  4. Well it must of been the vampires! why else would they call it a "KILL" switch???

    Unless :idea: :shock: