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Bike just clicks, won't turn over

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Mcsenna, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. My Kawasaki GPX250 has suddenly decided not to start. Instead of turning over it just clicks. I thought the battery was the problem so I fully charged it and still no go. I bought a new battery, fully charged it and still no go.
    Does anyone have any ideas on where to start diagnosing this problem?

  2. Starter selenoid or starter itself. Try to roll-start the bike if you need to drive with it until you get the starter fixed.
  3. checked fuses?
  4. you cud if possible give starter solenoid a tap with -dare i say it a hammer.
    but eliminate fuses first.
    if you break it i retract this advice.
  5. Hi,

    All due respect to old days remedies (don't tap the solonoid with a hammer) it can fracture the fuse holder housing located on the solonoid. If you can clearly here a clicking when you hit the starter the solonoid & in line fuse are both ok !

    1,Turn off the ignition & Try putting the bike in 3rd gear on a hard (concrete or road ) surface, hold the clutch in walk a few meters then release the clutch, Note the bikes engine should turn over slowly.

    If the engine turns when you push hard then your starter motor or starter clutch is at fault. If the back wheel seazes & skids while you forcefully push the bike (in 3rd or 4th gear) see a qualified mechanic as you may have a seized engine or gearbox prob. if the engine does turn over when push then roll / clutch start the bike into 2nd gear & take the bike to a mechanic.

    When in doubt don't fiddle too much re this type of prob,

    Cheers Bike mechchic.

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  6. Thanks guys, I have a feeling it's something to do with the starter, I will give the tap a try. Fuses looked ok but will have another look, although I would think if the solenoid is clicking then power is going to it. Any ideas on how to check the solenoid?
  7. Thanks for that, I would have taken it to a mechanic straight away except for the logistics of it. But will try the things you suggested
  8. Ok push started the bike no probs, in first, couldn't get any others from stand position. So I guess it's the starter motor, or is there something else between the starter itself and the clicky thing that I can check?
  9. Check the earth connection on the battery, if that is ok, then I would be looking very closely at the connections to the starter motor and then the starter motor itself.
  10. +1 to atropos, high resistance connections to the battery or starter solenoid can cause this type of symptom. You may be telling yourself if it clicks then the battery connection is OK but that is not necessarily the case. Because the starter motor needs a high current to turn over even a dirty connection can add enough resistance to prevent proper starting.
  11. Yep, sounds like high resistance somewhere, loose or corroded connection on battery, loose connection to solenoid or starter. One of the high current connections somehow bad, or the starter is failing.
  12. Thanks guys, I've checked the terminals they are all spotless, so I'm guessing the problem lies in the starter itself, maybe brushes or something. Anyway thanks for the help I'll take it into someone who knows what they are doing.
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  13. She said DONT tap
    She outranks me im not a bike mech
  14. Sent it off today to the experts. My guess is starter brushes, maybe optimistic .
  15. Oil seal buggered let oil into the starter stuffing up brushes, according to the mechanic. New seal and brushes, better than a new starter for $600 I guess.