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Bike jerks forward from N to 1st on first start

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Cowboy Mac, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. hi all, I have a ZZR250 and when I start it up to go for a ride and put it from N to 1st it jerks forward a bit. This doesn't happen when I am at the lights later on, am I not letting it warm up enough?

  2. Could be, but it could be a slightly sticking clutch. Try pulling the lever in a little more before clicking into gear, or pull and release the lever a couple of times before starting it, also make sure your chain is adjusted properly.
  3. It's cold oil.
  4. Typical kawasaki box.
    Try doing that with the bmw and feel the kick then.
  5. My new 250 Ninja does that aswell. Considerable jerk when putting into 1st gear and does it a bit until its been running for a good while
  6. Holding the clutch in for a short time while the bike is warming up should help.
  7. The cold oil is thicker and hence more drag on the clutch plates. My 1100 does it too almost to the point of stalling at times.
  8. Yes it's a very common thing, but seems to be worse on Kawasakis.

    Just start the bike, squeeze and release the clutch a couple of times, then chuck it in gear. This should allow a bit more oil into the clutch and smooth things out a bit.
  9. Sounds normal to me. One of the characteristics of a wet multiplate clutch.
  10. Thanks for the responses, at least I know it is a 'normal' thing to happen. I'll try a few ideas mentioned with the clutch to get some improvements.
  11. Occasionally on older bikes, especially Triumphs, if you pull the clutch in and kick it on the kickstarter a few times, it frees it up. Riders have been known to not do it (especially if the bike has been sitting for a while i.e. a week) and it can lurch forward when you click it into gear. Not what you want to happen :shock:
  12. Give your bike a chance to warm up and it won't be so bad, and make sure your foot is on the brake when you do put it into gear - it still clunks but at least the bike doesn't move!
  13. If its really bad lighter oil will help especially this time of year but all wet clutches do it to some extent.

    The ZZR clutch cable has two adjustment points, make sure its adjusted correctly.
  14. Welcome to Kawasaki land. :)

    It's a common issue with them, but if you let it warm up a tad longer you should be fine.

    Trick one is pulling the clutch in ound out a few times. It seems to help but I'v eno idea why. More than likely, it gives you something to do while it warms up.

    Trick two is to change the oil. I don't have this issue on my current bike but on previous Kwakas it always got worse when the oil needed changing. Again, I can't say why. :)
  15. +1 cold oil
  16. the good ol' "Kawasaki Klunk"

  17. My zzr250 does the same first thing after starting cold.

    How many neutrals have you found in the gearbox so far? :)
  18. If the bike lurches forward when starting in first gear and clutch in, then that's cold oil. Hold the brake on.

    It's not over yet though.

    If you now have the bike started and it's idling in nuetral with clutch out... this means that half the gear box is spinning and you'll always get a lurch when you pull the clutch in and snick it into gear with little delay... that's the dogs engaging and coming to a halt... it's worse when the oil is cold.

    If you slow the process down and hold the clutch in for longer, the lurch will be less as the input shaft speed winds down.

    It's perfectly normal.

    Go to www.dansmc.com and read about the gearbox if you want to know more.
  19. WTF, i thought there was only 1!?!
  20. Kawasaki: 1 down, 5 up, 10 neutrals.