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Bike is ready for pickup

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by russ, Feb 18, 2005.

  1. w00t!

    my bike is ready for pickup, unfortunately I can't leave work in time to get it tonight. but tomorrow 830am...
    it's only been 3 weeks :roll:

    all the stuff damaged by my #$^!@# neighbour (reversing into the bike)has been replaced, I think the damage bill was around $2.5k. and I'm not paying a cent 8)

    I've been going crazy not having the bike. I rode practically every day, and to not be able to is pretty crap. twitch. twitch.

  2. I hear ya! :) 6 weeks since I last had a ride, and will be another 4-6 weeks again until I can :(
  3. Keep yourself sharp by playing video games Mouth, otherwise you'll forget how to ride ;)
  4. If Jason knew how to ride he wouldn't have the gimpy leg now..... :p :p :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :D .

    Ahhh..I crack me up..... :D
  5. :p :p He's already got a handlebar on the wheelchair and wears a helmet as a nightcap :p :p
  6. Whats happening with the neighbour Russ? Will he cough up or is he still being a prick? Is he on your Christmas card list? :wink:
  7. He's on the christmas present list, he's getting a special one that ticks...

    I've handed all that to the insurance company (the joy of having comprehensive). The witness has made his statement and I doubt i'll find out for another month or so. The insurnace company dragged their feet on the repairs but now that they've forked out the cash I think their process will become amazingly streamlined for getting their money back from this guy.

    I only wish that the bike had been written off and they'd given me a brand new one... then I would have come out in front in this deal.
    I was trying to think of other ways to get cash of this guy:
    "hmm I'm sure I had yoshi pipes before the incident" :LOL:
  8. Yes, titanium farings dont come cheap! Your neighbour may be bitter if he has to shell out for the repairs. Would you consider getting some sort of video surveilence for the front of your house so that there is no dispute if anything like that ever happens again?
  9. The bike will be garaged so it will be quite difficult for someone to get at it. Ironically that was the only night it wasn't going to be in the garage.

    I also doubt he would try anything on because his new (slightly-scratched-from-an-incident-with-a-bike) range rover would be a bit more expensive to fix when it's been keyed from front to back :twisted: