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Bike is back to the dealers :(

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by Frost, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Well, the M50 has gone back to the dealer. It keeps stalling.
    This is not the first time going back to them :( so this time they want to keep it to fix it. Only a few problems, This is my main mode of transport. I rang them back at the end of the day, They said it can take 2 days for Suzuki to get back to them... WTF! did you just say 2 days, What kind of company leaves it 2 days to get back to a customer?

    So no bike for probably a Week and i have only had it for 4 weeks, if that.

  2. they didnt give you a loaner? thats poor customer service
  3. I'll never hand over my bike without a loaner, if they don't have one available, I go to another dealer. Always pays to ring ahead too.
  4. Well update on the whole thing peoples.

    Got the bike back on Friday, got back to work and wrote Suzuki Australia a nice email. Half an hour later i get a call from the dealers saying "We just got a call from Suzuki" :)

    Anyways what they want to do is push the first service (1000KM) forward, according to Suzuki this may fix the issue as the ECU gets remapped... ok... Sure what ever.

    Anwyays i got thinking at a mates place on Friday night, I read somewhere that the side stand can sometimes activate the saftey switch when the bike gets jolted hard enough?

    So it kinda made sense since where it is happening is a very rough piece of road and i am under brakes and pulling in the clutch so if it did activate the switch the bike would stop as i have the clutch pulled in and nearly almost stopped.

    So i was wondering has anyone else had that problem?
    I think i will pass on my findings too my dealer when it goes back in this week for the 1st Service :)
  5. Sorry to here about your problem Frost. Have not had a problem with my C50, but side stand switch does sound feasable. How many k's have you done?
  6. In a regular service the ECU would not be remapped.
    I'd even be surprised if the stock units could even be remapped.

    Sounds like dealer BS to me but whatever they do I hope its fixed to your satisfaction.
  7. It might also be a tip-over (crash) sensor which is a fairly basic mechanical/electrical contraption, regularly too sensitive on certain models.
  8. I agree that it sounds like BS, but on second thought an ECU remap wouldn't be a stupid idea.
    You could use the ECU to hobble the bike during it's initial run in phase (drastically reduced redline etc) and then put the normal map on their after the initial service.
    Just a thought.
  9. Would not surprise me if this is done. Maybe not a remap, but a restriction on certain parameters to protect teh engine a little during initial break in.
    Probably just throw a switch or cut a wire to remove the restrictions.

    Regards, Andrew.
  10. Suzuki ECU's can be flash programmed. One dimensional map though.
    In the US, the dealer can reprogram this if they add pipes intake etc. Given the lack of violume here in OZ, easy to see why this is not done.

    Inclined to believe it is something simple rather than complicated.

    I did have a problem with my M50 stalling, but at 12,000 klms, and it was the air pressure sensor in the inlet manifold , rather like a MAP sensor in a car. The wires to it had been pinched in assembly, and shorted.

    Did you get an error message in the display?
    Generally comes up with an error code reading like C13 etc.
  11. +1 to peter, suzuki stock ECUs can be mapped, albeit not to extent that an aftermarket one can be done.. Eg. instead of different fuel settings every 50rpm, might be every 500rpm or whatever.
  12. well it goes in tomorrow to get what ever they are doing to it done...

    anothing thing that came to my attention, is that the bike build date was 05/2007 yet i aksed for a 2008 model. Does this sound right? i know it does take a while for them to come from overseas but a year from build date? the dealer said i have an 08 because of the colour... Come on, You go off the colour lol

    Just thought i would check, as it is insurance is 2008 model but rego is 2007.

    Thanks for all the input i will put these down on a list for the guys to check while they it for the service. Whether they check it out or not is to be seen... or not seen considering i will be at work.
  13. Depending on the model they start shipping at different times. My Bandit is a Sept build and its an 08 model. May does sound a little early for a next years bike but the colour could be an indicator. What colours were available on the previous bike?

    EDIT: According to the Suzuki AU website the 07 M50 was pearl violet or blue. The 08 seems to only come in pearl black. Does that help?
  14. all is good, last years was a dark midnight like blue, 2008 is Black with a Metalic like Blue flek that you get in the sun :) looks very nice.
    So all is good, Japan must have got ahead of schedule lol
  15. There is a diagnostics plug under the rhs side panel, jump two terminals, and the ECU is able to run a check and display fault codes on the display panel.

    This will alert them to the general problem.
    In my case, the problem was with the Inlet Air Pressure sensor. This sensor could have been faultyy, or the wiring to it (bingo) or the vacuum hose connected to the sensor..
    But they then have a place to start.

    Of course, if the electrics were dodgy, it is possible to 'clear' the flash memory in the ECu, although unlikely.

    They should be able to provide some answers reasonably quickly. But beware that an intermittent fault can be hard to recreate!. In my case, after a week with no fault codes showing, I 'borrowed' the bike back and managed to recreate the problem and display the fault code.
  16. The 2008 model was the first one with a fuel gauge instead of single led that came on when you hit reserve.
    That'd be the easiest way to tell.
  17. thanks peter, Obviously this port eludes the people at the shop. They had no idea.

    Well i am still waiting for the bike, how on earth does it take a whole day to do a service is beyond me... I rang up at 2:30pm today, Sorry havent done it yet, will have it ready by this afternoon, Will call you when it is ready to collect, Hmmm still waiting it is now 4:10pm (see i need this bike to go to my next job at 5:30pm, I finish my full time job at 5pm)

    Mountaineer thanks for the information too mate :)
  18. When they did my first service, I was told that the bike had to sit there all day before they could check the valve clearances as this must be done cold.
    Dunno how true that is, it's merely what I was told.
  19. Well i got it back yesterday, I was worried since i needed to get to work, but they rang about 4:15pm :)

    Anyways i finaly got a lift to the shop, and talking to the mechanic he sounded pretty happy, Valve clearance was off by a little and the remap went well :)

    this is what they did

    Oil Filter Change
    Oil Gasket Change? (i am guessing since all it says is gasket lol)
    Engine Oil
    Shaft Oil

    Checked the following
    Front Brakes
    Rear Brakes
    Steering Head Bearing
    Front and Rear Wheel Bearing
    Lubricated Moving Parts (hope this didnt include the tyres lol)
    Air Filter
    Spark Plugs
    Valve Clearances
    Sychronised Throttle Valves
    Checked Coolant Level
    Set Idle Speed

    Throttle Cables
    Choke Cable
    Adjusted and Lubed Chain Drive (can only guess this is internal to the motor)
    Lubricated cables

    all that cost me $289.40
    $200 in labor :(

    Anyways the point is that the bike is now 1000% better than what it was, smoother. More powerful! Great all over realy :)

    Very happy with the shop in the end :) and glad they put up with me ringing them all the time lol.

    Thanks everyone for your posts.
    Can this now be closed Moderators. Thanks :)