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bike insurance

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by mikezzz, Jul 28, 2007.

  1. just got my L's and planning to get a zx2r for my first bike.. i am currently 20 turning 21... am wondering how much i would be looking at for bike insurance first and second year... full comp and 3rd party plus theft.. if u guys could help?

  2. $8,000
  3. where do you live? how many ks will you put on it per year? do you have a car no claim bonus?

    Id say you could be looking up to 3 grand per year
  4. 2-3k sounds about right if you dont have any no claim bonus or any other car insurance record.
  5. .........
    Or, a lot of people have found these things really handy:


    Regards, Andrew.
  7. ok so what insurer would you guys recommend to get me started.. i currently am insured with just car insurance for my car which i have not claimed on and have held for 3 years..
  8. Oldkool phones?
  9. I like the ones better where you have to spin the thing around the dial the number. :)
  10. I just got mine done, comprehensive, no separate cover for my gear (but helmet is included). New bike, new rider, 22, went with my car insurer RAC, $716.

    But unless theres a few people here in the same area, same bike, same age etc, your best bet is to ring around and get a few quick quotes

    When I was doing online quotes I was getting over $1000 on most, but found this to be a bit different when calling, not sure what I was doing differently on the online forms
  11. What tools do I need to mount that on my tank?
  12. I would recomend insuremyride.com.au. But having said that make sure you read there product disclosure statment before you agree to anything.
  13. Just go it alone on a cheapy until ya 25,I guess...
    Mates son was quoted 6grand plus...!! :shock:
  14. ZX2R is a bit rare and I guess fast for a 250cc. Will not be easy to repair/service and insurance aint cheap. Insuremyride will probably be your best bet though, WQBE should offer you a similar quote too. I was quoted ~$1400 from insuremyride for a '2003' ZXR250 and ~$1650 from QBE. The local Kawasaki dealer said they wouldn't service the bike for me so I felt there was no point in buying it.
  15. Well im on my L's and live in Tas and i rang around, QBE wants $1300 premium plus like another $1200 if i ever have to make a claim. AAmi quoted me $606 for the year and $1k if i need a claim but thats full comp and they also give money back if your claim is under the $1k. Just ring around and compare.
  16. What what model bike ? They didn't list the ZX250R at all when I rang for a quote (there were no 4 cylinder 250cc bikes in their database).