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Bike Insurance / Insurers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by c0rrupt, May 4, 2009.

  1. Just wondering who you guys would recomend to go with for insurance and what policies you have taken out i.e fully comp / third party, fire n theft etc and what you forked out for that?

  2. I have been with Insure My Ride since I bought my first bike in March 2008, fully comp I was paying around $450 (full no claims, bike kept on secure driveway).

    Although most people think the best insurer is the cheapest I tend to think the best insurer is the one that works the hardest for you should you ever need to claim and I can certainly recommend IMR in that respect. I low-sided my bike on gravel in Feb this year and ended up putting through as a claim, their service was fantastic, I had my gear replaced (extra premium for this cover but worth it) and my bike replaced as it was less than 1 year old. They had to work hard to locate a replacement as they stopped production of the KLE in 2007! There were no forms to fill in, easy email or phone communication with them and they could not do enough to help me. This was my first year with them too, so not like I have been paying premiums for years so I had paid for it all anyway.

    Anyway, big ++ for IMR.

  3. Thanks for that, i'll check them out - Found InsureMyRide quite expensive on a fully comp basis.
  4. Yeah but really, cheap does not = good necessarily!

    The other big one that others recommend is Western QBE.

  5. OK cheers Adam - think RACV is the way to go here as I have my house/car through them and seem to be better on values etc.

    But still would like to hear who others are with and the cost of that policy

  6. In the end you will just go with who you feel comfortable with, which is what we all do.

    IMR and QBE are specialist bike insurers, so that is worth considering.

    Getting people to post what they pay is really not going to help you much, there are far too many variables in the calculation of premiums.

  7. You make a good point re what people pay, but guess still curious as to how much price does vary from person to person.