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bike insurance for Learners

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Fiery, Jul 21, 2006.

  1. Hi, I am in Tasmania and am looking for an insurance company that will insure learners - any Taswegians got any knowledge - best company, prices etc??

  2. western qbe would be my bet..... swann is dead in the water and unfortunatley ract dont insure motorcycles.

    NRMA are aparently operating in tas too but they dont do bikes...

  3. I just rang them and they quoted me $190 per annum full comprehensive - sounds like a good deal to me - who you with ward?
  4. ?!!?!

    (immediately looks at age and bike)


    MattyB was quoted $2000+ for full comp on his CBR-RR, or $1000 for third party. Sheez.
  5. :oops: I'm not would you believe... not even fire and theft. Yeah YEah I know insert good argument here etc... but I subscribe to the theory with my friend who rides a vfr that if its an accident over say $2000 with a car or truck and or other then well I'm dead. Not in a finacial sense but in a literal life sense.

    I used to have the loophole of my GF is not Finacialy liable for my actions I have made this quite clear with my dads lawyers, and I have a will with my dad as executor and all estate is to be liquidated. Unfortunaltley now because we live together full time I am defacto so I am looking for fire and theft.

    Plus for me with my chequer board history of riding its 2500+ for my TT600 full comprehensive... that is finacialy dead.

    tip for insurance have a cheap bike be over 25 and no history...
  6. well I bought my bike for $1,600 and have been an immaculate driving history for the last 19 years with only one speeding ticket and no accidents so it should work in my favour. After having my car stolen on the weekend I really want full insurance so yeah - will probably go with QBE unless I can get something better.
  7. I dont know if shannons insure people on learners. They wont touch me.
  8. bloody shannons, no they don't. I have had my cars insured with Shannons but they haven't been too helpful with coming up with my $$ in a hurry since my car was stolen. Don't think I will bother with them in a hurry in future in any case.

    think I will go with QBE.
  9. cool.. well I hope to you at joes sometime soon!!!!
    you could possibly beat Twingirl for the "LARGEST POST RIDE WITDRAWAL" GRIN EVER!!!!

    Ok have a good weekend..
  10. Hell, I am all but stalking DECA to get in on a cancellation for my L's. I really need this to happen.

    just spoke to QBE and they technically can't insure me unlicenced but got a cover note anyway - $142 per annum full comprehensive - for once I can honestly say it's good to be old!
  11. ok, just thought i would update this section regarding learner and insurance.. hope this all helps...

    im 26 no claims getting l"s this week,currently planning on insuring 2001 zzr 250, here are the quotes i got:-

    AAMI- $651 with$500 excess and rating 5
    on agreed value of $6.4k

    Racv- $535 with $400 excess and rating 2
    and maket value

    Shannons_ simple, learner- NO

    QBE- $318 with $400 excess
    on market value

    NRMA- $534 with excess of $450
    on agreed value of $5000
    * these quotes are for comprehensive
  12. Just thought id update for any learners that read this too.

    I called 15 companys on monday 24/07/06,
    Only 3 companys would insure me comprehensive.
    NRMA for $1070
    AAMI for $1600
    QBE for $2200

    im 22, a learner, with a 99 CBR250RR with an agreed value of $6500, and they know the bikes not garaged.
  13. wtf? my uotes were full comprehensive too, and full garaged? why the differences?
  14. location

    city dwellers pay more for their insurance

    1 benefit of living outside the metro areas :)
  15. age, car licence, where you live. and the bike.
    cbr is very desireable for stolen parts.
  16. i think yours are cheaper cause of the type of bike, age of rider and its garaged, and i think sydney is generally a higher cost for insurance due to higher crime rate.

    my driving record is not perfect either
  17. lady on phone also told me it pays to be female, she said she loves it when guys always say they are better drivers and she said thata actuaaly women are better :LOL: cant believe discount just for being chick, sorry guys
  18. i can insure a SPADA for $235, Rating 1, $400 excess. Full Comp.

    now just got to get one :)
  19. hmm insurance companies are weird.

    rang QBE on above posters info (QBE was cheapest by far) and they gave me (based on age 26, no record garaged blah blah)

    496 excess: 350

    so i then rang AAMI and they gave me:

    ex 500
    prem 362

    are these quotes totally randomly generated? makes no sense.

    anyway i went with the AAMI one :)
  20. I think my age helps heaps, and the fact that my Rebel cost only $1,600. No claims or accidents in 21 years of driving so I was quoted $142 full comprehensive with QBE but alas, they wont give me cover till I actually hold a licence so that will be next week.