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NSW Bike Inspection / Test Ride

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by SandyC, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1. I'm looking for someone who would be able to assist me with inspecting a bike located west of Sydney.

    I'm really new to riding therefore haven't got much knowledge on inspecting 2nd hand bikes - which is what i'm after to be learning on. Also, I'm not confident enough to be test riding it so i'll definitely be needing some help.

    Anyone who's knowledgable in this area and is free on the weekend please let me know

    Thanks!! =D
  2. I am away until Wed night. Could help Thurs if need be
  3. Dunno yet what I'm doing tomorrow (Sunday) as my wife hasn't told me yet.

    How far west are we talking anyway?

    I'm in Beecroft.
  4. Thanks guys! The seller was really honest & nice, and I did get some help from a friend over the phone. The seller even rode the bike back to my place for me (y) :)
  5. So, what did you buy?

    Risky purchase if you didn't take someone with you who is knowledgable.
  6. I got myself a Honda CBR125. I need to get the bike lowered Im tiptoeing on the bike but i think it would be a good idea to be flat footed while I'm still learning
  7. I wish you much joy of your new bike.

    Don't leap at the lowering business.

    A lot depends on your height and leg length, and your fitness.

    Do you ride a push bike?

    If you do, or have done, reasonably seriously, you'd know that you can't flat foot one of them.

    Yes, I know a 125 4-stroke is heavier than a pushie, but it goes back to fitness, and a bit of confidence.
  8. You must be a serious short ass lol

    Dog bones etc to lower the bike might have you flat footing, but can cause other grief, bottoming out, corner clearance etc

    Make sure you consider all options, including having boots soled with a few cm of rubber to give you more leg length.
  9. Just let the air out of the tyres - that should gain you another 5 or so centimeters.

    Here to help (y)
  10. Glad to obtain some information in regards to lowering - I can be flat footed when i have one leg up on the foot pegs however I'm just worried about not being able to 'take the weight' of the bike if need be- which would result to me dropping it more often than I should.
    I rode push bikes very frequently back in my childhood but since then not really!

    I am OK with the weight of the bike - I've slacked off on fitness since I've moved to Sydney 4 months ago - so i'd say semi-fit!(y)

    Hahaha - is that really advisable? :confused:
  11. I'd rather say i'm 'petite'.. :D
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