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Bike inspection in Townsville?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by Barters81, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. Anyone know of someone who they trust to do a pre-purchase inspection of a bike up in Townsville?

    Looking at a bike up there (I'm in Brisbane) where the trip up will make it not worth the $$.

    Got a quote for getting it delivered to Brisbane for $375 which still makes it a good purchase, but I guess the second question is does that priuce seem ok? Seems alright to me.

    Finally, any tips on purchasing a bike long distance from a pricate seller in terms of transferring money/ownership in a way that doesn't leave either party hanging out in the breeze for any amount of time?

  2. Question number 1: Is it really that good a price to have to ship it and do all the re-registering in a new state?
  3. Same state so no issues there.

    5500 for a 2013 ER6NL with 3k on the clock?
  4. Hi Barters81

    I too live in Brisbane and looking to purchase a motorcycle privately from a seller in Townsville. Like you, I am also looking for some advice on pre-purchase inspection, the buying/selling process, registration transfer, shipping the bike to Brisbane and would appreciate any advice if you went ahead with your purchase.

  5. Hey Barters81Barters81 , I'm interested to find out about your bike choice - you were looking at much higher power naked options before, this seems a little tame in comparison. Is it because you and your bro are getting a race bike as well?
  6. Nah....it's an old thread mate. This was back when I was looking for a LAMS bike.

    My mt09 is much loved and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
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  7. Didn't end up going throuh with it mate sorry.

    Ended up picking up a ninja 300 for stupid cheap 2nd hand.
  8. Ah yup just noticed lol
  9. No worries mate, cheers
  10. Old thread I know but this gave me a chuckle!
    Townsville and Brisbane are in the same state .........at least for the moment! Lol
    NQ would like that to change though!
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