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Bike inside

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by es, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. My boyfriend wont let me keep my bike inside our new apartment. Hes really mean. We dont have a garage or anything so my bike needs all the protection it can get!

    Do you keep your bike inside? and if so, where? Any tips on persuading the other half to let mine inside??
  2. dump him find a new bf with a garage...... LOL
  3. slit his throat while he sleeps. der.

    that or get one of those "Motorbike Pockets". They are like a big soft taco that you zip your bike into. They are airtight, waterproof and highly erotic (erotic - like all tacos)

    There's an ad for them in one of my magazines.... "Shelter King" sells them. 15 Brunsdon Street, Bayswater Victoria 3153.. (03) 9729 6244
  4. So I get a bike pocket and then I sneak it inside, pretending its a taco? Excellent idea!!!!!

    Ive considered dumping him and finding a better model, and also slitting his throat, but I would rather try the taco idea at the moment.

    "whats that honey?"
    "uh, its uh, dont worry, just a taco!"
    "oh ok."
    .... "WTF!!! Thats one big mutha taco!!"
  5. Just bring it in :):)
    My the theory is I clean the place, I bring my bike in lol
    Brought it in the other night and my 5 year old daughter told me should bring the bike in everynight cause it looks "pretty inside " & might get cold out there.:)
  6. just sit on it and pretend to pedal when watching tv, and tell him it's an exercise bike.
  7. Hmm.. i'd love to be able to bring my bike in. But i can't exactly hide it under the coffee table or behind the couch. I also think my housemates might notice if i stuff it in the room closest to the front door; thats one of the bedrooms. ;)

    Hmm.. giant bike taco's... interesting.
    Mmmmm... taco's.
  8. Just sleep outside with the bike, that's what I did. You can protect it all you want then. -s.
  9. lm the same l dont have a garage or a carport, so l just bought a bbq cover and slip itstraight over the top...it works a treat.

  10. open the petrol cap and put a plastic flower in it and tell him its a vase!!!!
  11. Once I saw was a vespa in a tiny studio apartment... on third floor... the access to that apartment was so limited it didn't suprise me to learn that the vespa was taken appart each time the owner wanted to go for a ride...
  12. Ask him if he's prepared to pay for it when it gets knocked-off.

    No? Then you better keep it inside! Remind him that motorcycles are 19 times more likely to be stolen than a car. ;)
  13. You mean your BF isn't into bikes??? Oh my - you really should offer him some lessons for his birthday or something..... Hmmmm - of course then it could COMPLETELY backfire on you. He'll be always ensconsed in motorcycle mags, staying up late to watch the GP, eat, sleep, talk nothing BUT motorcycles, and then before you know it, there'll be no room inside for your bike, because he'll have his "project" Harley inside in a million peices and every night men with strange names and stranger smells emitting from them will be arriving in your living room. Yeah...... Maybe it's better not to poke the bear.....
  14. if you seriously want to keep it inside, a bit of lino you can roll out would work fine and catch anything that may drop from it, easy to clean too. :)
  15. A vase??? A VASE????

    ok, its worth a try.

    Ohhh yeah, I should sleep outside with the bike, and tell him Im not coming back till the bike can sleep inside too!!! most excelent...
  16. . Yep! A trendy vase, I like that
  17. What else is inside?

    Guys, guys, we're looking down the wrong end of the telescope here. The question isn't whether the lady can have her bike inside, the question is WHAT HAS HE GOT INSIDE THAT COULD BE OUTSIDE???? This is a gender equity issue, surely?
    If he loves his flat more than he loves his lady, what does that say about him? If he's prepared to lose her rather than keep her because she wants to bring her bike inside, he's obviously involved in a power game, rather than a relationship.
    He should be grateful she doesn't own a horse!!!!!
  18. ah i shall pass on the little piece of advice that was handed down to me...

    biatch you go before the bike

    or you could just deny him sex for a while and he'll break :twisted:
  19. Tell the bf to get stuffed and bring the bike inside.

    :D :D

    PMSL :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  20. If you can't bring it inside, perhaps look at what you can do to increase the security of it outside. There is a plethora of stuff out there for securing bikes to ground ankors etc.