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Bike In Storage (10 years)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by aimre, Mar 11, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    Ive been looking for a bike to buy, and stumbles across this very very mint looking bike, it dead set looks brand new. But here the thing, its 10 years old, BUT has less than a couple hundred k's. Basicly story is they kept it in a shed for the last 10 yrs, running it evry few months.

    Provided what ive said is all of the maintenece they have done, what could be/go wrong with it?

    Should i buy it, or steer clear
  2. Worst thing you can for a bike is not ride it! Seals can be gone, oil could be acidic & eating away at the engine, fuel hose/rubber could be cracked, could have rust in the tank, etc etc...

    However: if you get it cheap enough, factor in the cost of likely repairs & are confident with the spanners it could be good! Just make sure you can still get parts that are perishable like carby inlet rubbers & the like.

    First thing to do will be replace the tyres, before you even think about riding it.

    What kind of bike is it?
  3. If the engine has been run regularly, that's the main thing I'd be worried about. All the chassis stuff that dies when it's not used is easy enough to replace. You'd want to get a bloody good price though.
  4. You'll need new tyres, fresh fuel and a possibly a new battery. Otherwise if it's been stored carefully there should be nothing wrong with it that a service won't fix.
  5. It takes more than the occasional start up to keep things working well.
    Has the clutch and gearbox been worked at all?
    Factor in the price for complete new rubbers inc tyres. New brakes, new battery, fresh fluids and a bloody good service.

    An old lump of an air cooled bike will fair a little better but I'd be putting aside 2k for a freshen up.
  6. Considering many jap 250's spend that time in a holding yard without the comfort of a roof or maintenance, I'd wager the bike will probably be fine.

    A lot of seals may need to be replaced. As well of course as tyres, battery, service. Some brake/fuel/coolant lines may have perished. I wouldn't be surprised if a few carb o-rings are on their way out.

    So basically, i'd expect a big discount.
  7. I'd be worried about the fact it obviously hasn't even been run in properly. Even though the kays may be low surface corrosion has probably ruined any chance of the moving parts wearing in properly so you may get problems with low compression, high oil consumption etc.
    If it's cheap though and you only plan on keeping it a short while it might not be too bad, but for a long term purchase you'd be better off with something that has actually been used - but has also been looked after.
  8. All rubber and seals will most likely be cracked or rooted. Look at tyres, good bet they be well cracked in tread pattern. Mate just bought friends bike that was stored for 4 years, same scenario, except he's an idiot and stacked it pissed.
    :roll: Diaphrams in carbies, fork seals, clutch plates Ive heard of clagging together any rubber bushes? etc etc. You will get a low k bike, but be prepared for some work. Personally I think its definitely worth it if its mint and low $ :grin:
  9. What is the bike? Some will be fine - others will need major rebuilds.
  10. Yeah, tell us what the bloody bike is already! :LOL:
  11. Honda XR250R

    Its actually only done, 64km. It does look immac
  12. Honda XR250R

    Its actually only done, 64km. It does look immac
  13. Honda XR250R

    Its actually only done, 64km. It does look immac
  14. Ok scrap everythingh we said. You cant kill them! :LOL:
    Even if you did tripple post :p
  15. I would be asking why it only has 64km on the clock - could be that the clock has been right around and is clicking over from ZERO again.
  16. Or the owner has a drill ;).
  17. You're all far too honest.

    I wonder just how many speedos get smashed to bits on trail bikes each year.

  18. Shit, sorry i tripple posted, damn keeps coming up with some debug error, thought it wasnt posting. my bad
  19. For what its worth, I bought a Honda CX500 that was in storage in an old bloke's loungeroom for 25 years. He started it 3 - 4 times a year and let it run about 10 minutes each time. The bike had 12,000 kays on it and had not seen a road since Rocky 3 was top of the box office!!

    I trailered the old girl home and changed the oil & filter twice, coolant, brake fluid, shaft oil, fork oil, greased the shaft, bearings, swingarm, and splines. Fitted new tyres, hit the road, and 2,000 kays later no problems at all! I thought I might have to replace some seals etc, but they're all fine!

    All the rubbers, plastics and brake lines etc are as new with no perishing because it was in an air-conditioned, temperature controlled environment.