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Bike in shannons ad

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Willzah, May 6, 2009.

  1. I cant seem to search for it, dont kno if anyones asked already, but whats teh bike in the shannons ad? all i can see is a older model honda with possibly V4 on the fairing?

  2. Its an RC 30,gear driven valve gear,a jewel of a bike,$18k when they were made and thought expensive but worth considerably more now,not the most exotic Honda,the NR wins that hands down
  3. If I recall correctly it's a RC30
  4. thanks guys... hmmmmm *drools
  5. I use to race one, awesome bike!
  6. Hmm funny i always though it was an RVF400
  7. The 400 that had that style/colour paint was the VFR400 (NC30), ran the same time as the VFR750R (RC30).

    After the VFR's came the RVF750 (RC45) and RVF400 (NC35).

    The code in brackets are actually a code in the frame/VIN number that relate only to those particular model bikes.
  8. Hey JO, was the bike your's or someone else's and what happened to it?
  9. a mate owns one..
    awesome machine.. and oh what a noise they can make..
  10. If you were to spend the money on one right now would you keep it in your living room as a centrepiece or ride the tits off it?
  11. Just out of interest, how do these things stack up against some of honda's newer bikes?(a modern vfr or maybe cbr)
  12. Hi Paul, the RC30 was a race bike only, it was built by Greg Davies that owns Motorcycle City in Launceston (Tas), it was originally raced by a guy 'Steve Bestwick' I think his name is, he died of a brain aneurysm (spelling ?), then Malcom Campbell rode it in an ARRC at Symmons Plains just after he lost his ride with Honda Australia, I think it actually caught fire under him?

    I bought it in '93, blew up 3 engines in my quest for more horsepower, ended up having to rebuild it with stock parts after I depleted all of the HRC parts in the country, then got my fastest lap times with it, lol
  13. I have wondered this question myself looking at the Shannona ad. I always felt that a VFR would be the closest that you would get to this bike, pre 2002 model, cams were still gear driven.