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Bike in hospital, rider OK

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Kernel, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. Some of you already know that I crashed my DR650 a few days ago.
    What happened was that I was on a group ride of about 15 people. We got up to a bit of a twisty section, and I was on the gas pretty heavy with my bike, pushing my boundaries, going way over the speed limit.
    Anyway, I catch up with this guy who's going a little slower than I'd have liked. It's not double lines, but it's through corners, so I'm pretty hesitant to overtake. I eventually think, "stuff it, I'm sure there's no cars coming, I'll just over take him." So I get onto the other side of the road, and a few seconds later, wham. A corner comes out which I was not expecting, and I hit the embankment. I did manage not to hit it head on and instead glanced off the side, and I washed off a fair bit of speed before impact, I reckon I would've been doing about 50kph when I hit it. Nonetheless, I banged myself up pretty bad, but managed to get up to switch my bike's electrics off.
    One of the other riders used my mobile phone to call an ambulance. Police also arrived at the scene and decided not to charge me (thanks VicPol!).

    I went to visit the bike today. It had just showed up a couple of hours earlier, and was still dirty from the crash.
    This is the damage:

    Right hand side of handlebar is bent and twisted backwards.
    Ride hand grip has snapped off.
    Brake lever is stuffed.
    Right hand side crash bar (the bar that protects the oil cooler) is bent backwards.
    Oil cooler guard is stuffed (no surprise there).
    The oil cooler MIGHT be damaged, won't know until they clean the bike up. There was a couple of small stones and dirt wedged between the oil cooler and the guard.

    Everything else looks completely fine but I won't really know until they give the bike a thorough run-through, they will call me up if anything else crops up.

    I will be sourcing the parts myself and dropping them off at the shop, since my father who assisted me in purchasing the motorcycle won't allow me to repair it myself.
    I told the nice lady who runs the shop that the oil cooler is not vital to the motorcycle's cooling system and could just be bypassed if it's stuffed, however she's not willing to have this done because if the bike gets damaged from overheating, then it'll be on their heads.

    All things considered the bike held up pretty bloody well in the crash, testimonial to Suzuki's engineering and to the robustness of trail/dual sport bikes.

    Myself... I've held up pretty well, just a sore, bruised swollen foot, no other injuries. Been walking around a lot already.

    I forgot to buy myself a camera before going to the bike shop so pictures will come later. Who's that guy who took a photo of me in the ambulance with his mobile phone? Feel free to upload that photo(s) to this thread.
  2. Sorry to hear about that...

    Probably a couple of good lessons in there as well.

    For the handlebars to bend backwards - must have hit hard. Might want to ensure the frame is ok and forks.
  3. Yeah I'm sure that the bike shop will look at that. The forks LOOKED ok, whether they are actually out or not is another story... they're probably fine.
    Not too sure about the frame, couldn't really tell.
    The handle bars are known for bending quite easily in a crash on my bike.
  4. Sorry to hear about your prang mate. Some of what you've written is borderline admission, might be worth reading it again and reconsidering.

    There's a knack to passing in the twisties Kernel. You need to be confident on your blind lefts to give yourself room to duck under in the rights. I usually line them up when they're braking into the right handers and use momentum to carry me through. Much better than being hard on the gas and then hard on the brakes into a blind.

    Walk us through the overtake again if you can....I'm tipping there's gold to mined.
  5. I'm not the best at explaining things with words alone, might be best if someone gets me to do it in person then writes a tip about it. I agree with ya there is definitely gold to be mined, my misfortune might be someone else's saving grace some day.

    I reckon the best way to go about it is don't overtake in a corner when it's dark lol.

    Another tip, and this has been covered in detail before, is this: If you see a corner coming up and you think you're going to go smack bang into it, then don't look at the impeding danger, instead look away, in my case to the left, so that that's where you push the bike. I reckon where I might've gone wrong is that my eyes locked straight onto the embankment and I went right for it. Target fixation (I actually mentioned this at the scene). I need to teach myself to look away from what I think I'm about to smack into, instead of staring at it and trying to figure out what to do about it.
  6. aaaah, yes indeedy. Target fixate on your exit for the win.
  7. Glad to hear you're ok Kernel. I didn't know you'd come down. It's easy to do. Sounds like you got off fairly light.

    The important thing is to think about why it happened and learn from it. That doesn't mean self flagellation, and it doesn't mean it was someone else's fault, and it doesn't mean forget about it and go on as before. It's not a question of blame or fault - it's a question of doing a completely cold, unemotional and honest assessment of what happened. If you never choose to share your conclusions with the rest of the world, that's fine, but do the exercise for yourself. Think about the errors of judgement, errors of decision making, and errors of technique that led to this, and then think about how you're going to make sure these things don't happen again.

    Beating yourself up over it emotionally is dumb. It only helps if it goes to making sure you really remember. Other than that, it just hurts your confidence and dilutes your pleasure in the sport. We're human. We make mistakes. (I sure do.) They may be big or small mistakes, and the consequences may be big or small, but there's almost no relationship between the seriousness of the mistake and the size of the consequences. Very bad things can happen because of very small mistakes.

    I'm glad you're ok.
  8. :( glad to hear you're okay.

    riding like an imbecile... but admitting it is big of you. :)
  9. ...and it doesn't mean avoid it, It means learn how to do it differently to change the outcome.

    Simple questions for the OP;

    Could the overtake have been successful?
    Could somebody else have made it?
    What do they know that you don't?
    How can you learn it?

    In short...
    How can you be better than you are now?


    ...no seriously, I beg your fucking pardon?
  10. Every time I get on a bike and don't ride like an imbecile, I feel ... short changed. That's the fun bit.
  11. we're reading the same post, right?

    he's overtaking on an unfamiliar road, pushing his boundaries (pushing boundaries are fine, but all up not good), and overtakes some dude, thinking "i hope there's no cars coming", while through corners, and a corner comes up and he can't make it around.

    i'm sorry, but to me, that's pretty imbecilic.
  12. and i have and still sometimes do ride like an imbecile. i'm not putting him down for that, but overtaking on an unfamiliar road WHILE pushing your boundaries, way above the speed limit... i'm sorry but that's just asking for shit to happen to you.

    kernel, not having a go at you. i'd done stupid shit before, and probably similar stuff, but i was lucky. and yes, i was riding like an imbecile. i'm not saying i'm better or higher and mightier. just so you know.
  13. Thank Christ you've never misjudge or make a mistake Miss Perfect, the heavens would collapse upon themselves if anyone dared quip that you're an imbecile.......warranted or not.
  14. Same attitude as you mate, I have no problem with sharing my mistakes with others, I find that if I tell others about it then I can absorb what they have to say about it and learn better from my mistakes. And yeah I got off pretty light, seems to be a regular occurrence in my life.

    The over take could have been successful, someone else could have made it, they either know how to lean their bike over further than I can (supermoto guys) or they know how to wash off speed before going through corners better than me. I might try saving up my money, doing a the supermoto conversion on my bike, and visiting some tracks.

    Also, I seriously doubt anyone who is not Valentino Rossi could have made that corner at the speed that I was doing on a big sports bike. Just putting that out there.

    Additionally, nah she's right mate. I was riding like an imbecile. I had been riding like an imbecile for most of that night, but I was having fun!

    Yeah I'd have to agree with you, you're right, it was bound to happen to me. If only I had been a bit more patient. Done something else to have fun rather than going fast, like bouncing up and down on the bike :D .
  15. If I don't don't go 'woops, I made that bit up' every now and again then I start to wonder if I'm trying or tooling. Heart in the mouth stuff might be for the fools, but it has the biggest rewards too.
  16. I've had more "whoops that could have been bad" moments than accidents.
  17. careful, LC, you've said something the know-everything Netrider doesn't agree with :LOL:
  18. chef, did you read my post???

    don't bother f*ucking replying and trying the "oh you're so angelic" stupid shit on me. i admitted i have hooned and still do on occasion and do imbecilic shit.

    don't be an arse
  19. yeah tell me about it :jerk:
  20. Hmmm Cheffie im not following you bro. A rider pushes & exceeds their limits on unfamiliar roads, at night in the country twisties, with only DR headlights for vision & decides to take an uneducated risky overtake opportunity in the bargain... How's that (on the face of it), not a dumb move?

    I reckon there will be plenty of gold to mine... but will Kernel make a good miner?

    Glad ur not recovering in hospital Kernel.

    - - -
    Tapatalking loud, saying somethin'