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Bike Ideas

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by PeterH, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. Hi, I have not posted a lot here, but thought it was the right time and palce to do so.
    I currently have a 2010 R1, and I love it. The sound, the ride, the look....
    But alas, I don't get to ride it much other than commuting any more, and it has never been close to a track :(.

    So I think I should sell it to someone who will make the most of it, and get myself a good bike that doesn't miss being raced.

    So, I am thinking, I would like suggestions on said bike. It has to sound just as good, to have just as good accelleration and be fun to ride. Does not need to go 300kmph .... and it will still be mostly commuting.

    Thanks in advance.


  2. supermotard!
  3. This is why Yamaha makes the FZ1.
  4. Street triple
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  5. Street triple. If your in Melb, Peter Stevens have one for test rides
  6. 675R I love those bikes
  7. A supermoto is fun, street triple is alright, 675r are also nice but not commuting aye also a sport tourer like the vfr?
  8. Gen3 Z1000!
    Tons of grunt, power wheelies in 1st, 2nd & 3rd!!
    Great in the twisties on the weekend.
    And still yet docile enough to commute during the week. Pulls from idle.
    Even pulls from 40km/h in 6th!! 100km/h in 6th is just under 5k
    Much more relaxed seating too.
    Won't do 300,,, tops out @ 240!!
  9. Sorry to the other posters, but this thread is locked. Thread in wrong forum.
  10. ...and, we're back. Moducation cycle complete.

    My suggestion is a speed triple. They sound horn.
  11. Thanks for Bringing me back.
    I did like the look of the Fz1, and nearly traded in when the finance was on, but thought I should look around a bit more, plus I would mis the sound of the cross plan shaft. The Street Tripple looks good, and sounds good. So does the Daytona, but does it like traffic any more than the R1? Now I like the hard lines of the z1000, and it sounds great, but is it a capable 80% commute bike?

    Also, I am 6'2", and 115 kg, if this makes a difference. I was always surprised at how comfortable the R1 was for a big guy, and seemd to make riding easy.
  12. FZ8's are going cheap atm..
  13. anyone know anything about the MV AGUSTA Brutale?
  14. For your height and weight it might be worth leaning more to the current model (2011 on) Speed Triple than to it's smaller sibling, given the extra grunt and room.

    But you should still ride the Street Triple as well. It's a big hoot and will very likely surprise you in good ways.
  15. The more I look at the speed / street triple, they seem really nice. How do the sound? Are they ok on the fuel?
  16. Once you've heard the triple you'll honestly wonder why the cagers don't turn off their radios and wind down their windows to listen. They are awesome to hear.
  17. Will do it with ease.
    Can putt-putt all day around the suburbs & freeways, then with a twist, release the inner hoon!!!
  18. You rang?

    (see sig)

    I'll be commuting on mine. Granted I don't have as far to go now as I used to, but the distance wouldn't have stopped me. I find this bike really comfy.
  19. Agreed. I'm 6'2 and 90kg. As much as I liked the Street Triple for its handling, it was just a bit too cramped for me. Almost went for the Aprilia Shiver (nice bike), but then took the 2011 Speed Triple for a test ride. Slip on an Arrow pipe and you won't be disappointed.