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Bike idea's year round bike?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by amcq, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. Ok so the are a million what Bike posts, and here's another one.
    I need a bike that is 80% commuting and 20% touring weekend fun.
    I ride all year round, so having some wind protection is important, also my commute to work is a 65 klm round trip on mostly congested freeway. I do around 15,000+ klm's a year, and need something reliable and not too expensive to run, I want a more relaxed riding position, and the wife would like me to keep the price below 11k, any ideas? I am thinking v-strom, versys, fz6s, or whatever?? I am 5"7/173 cm so only just fit on a vstrom. If possible I don't want too much plastic, but am open to all suggestions.

  2. GS500F - but then I'm biased!
  3. Mate, you've got a similar profile to me. You can get a late model 1200 Bandit for under 10K. Don't forget to budget for all the gear as well if you don't have it already.
  4. can i ask why you need wind protection.....have you ridden a naked bike.

    I too was like this, but i reckon i am right up there with the best of em, in the being a all year round rider. From commuting to and from work, day out hooning, and 2 weeks tours in all wet or dry conditions. Last year i did just under 42000km (almost half was touring/weekend fun times)

    I have ridden with blokes on faired bikes, and after 900km in the saddle, i have seen them almost fall off (and a couple that have) from the day of riding.

    The only time i have really wished for a fairing was at P.I. as you make your way down the long straight towards turn 1, oh yeah and a great empty back road up somewhere in this great country with the best sweepers i think i have ever come across in all my travels and it really begs you to be on current model cbr1000rr and have that bad boy sitting on the throttle on the stop \:D/ !!!! (if you ever find it, i am sure you will understand)

    I reckon you are doing yourself a huge diservice by not at least trying riding a few different styles and don't limit yourself only to faired machines.

    cheers stewy
  5. Yup, what he said.

    Some other ones, er6f/n, sv650n/s, vfr800, cbr600f5i
  6. VFR800 (pre-vtec). The servicing might be a little more than some others, but not much goes wrong and they last forever.
    (Plus the motor's just gorgeous :) )
  7. an er6-n would work. you don't need a versys or vstrom unless you do a fair bit of dirt road. petrol consumption is good if you behave. :shock: :shock:
    they are a parallel twin and not everyone likes them though.
    love mine. :p :p :p :p
    1300kawasaki are advertising 2007 models for $8500+ORC
    and the 2008's aren't much more.
  8. A nice second hand Honda Hornet 900F would suit your needs.

    Commuting? Thats what it was built to do.
    Touring Wk end fun? This bike is funx10! even with wifey on the back!
    Wind Protection? simple, throw a screen on
    Slow moving congested traffic? heaps of low end grunt even at 2000revs
    reliable? absolutely!
    cheap to run? very cheap, esp. insurance.
    below 11k? yep, they only cost a bit over 11 brand new!
    plastic... what plastic?

    time to get horneeeey
  9. +1 on the Bandit 1200. Little bit of fairing but not too much, upright seating position, grunty easy commute, plenty of power for fun, a heap of bike for the money. And I'm totally not biased.
  10. I take your point about naked bike's I have ridden a few, and love the look of them, but until now I have never considered they could be a year round machine
  11. I looked at the Bandit too really nice bike, if I could afford it I would like to get the new one, but it is a bit over my budget.
  12. oh and the plus side to the no fairings also means you don't have to be going as fast to get the same speed thrill factor :wink:
  13. what about ;
    * CB900 hornet
    * CBR1100 blackbird
    * Trumpy Sprint ST

    all good all round bikes.