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Bike Hunting

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by ddmoore, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. Hey guys.

    basically im not ready to buy myself a bike JUST yet, BUT i want to hear others opinion on which bike is the best for the learner.

    note, im not looking for power and looks for my first bike. as much as i would like to be sitting on a hyosung gt250r its not going to happen :p

    now, at the moment my budget sits a 4500 max. i have 2k saved as of now, plus another 1k when my tax return comes in so thats 3k.

    basically, im looking for a bike that will be the best for me to ride on while i get used to the road conditions and riding within traffic and different weather conditions.

    At the moment some of the bikes i was thinking of looking at are th:

    Honda CBR250 (r or rr whatever)
    Honda VT250 Spada
    Honda NSR-150 SP
    Kawasaki ZZ-R250
    Suzuki GSX250F Across
    Yamaha FZX250 Zeal
    Yamaha FZR250

    Now all of these cut it close to my budget (looking at decent ones) some even go over.

    Now what i was wondering is if some of you more experienced riders who are more knowledgable about the roads AND about the bikes than i am, could give me a speal on some of these bikes.

    What i was wondering is, what they are like mechanically wise, fuel consumption, road worthy-ness, and basically anything that you can help me with to help me decide on what bike would be right for me.

    Im 6'1 weight about 88kg and of a medium build.
    i have a bit more strength through my arms and legs than you would usually find (result of a number of years doing tae kwon do) so im not sure if that would come into play.

    but yeh, any help would be awsome and much appreciated.

    -- Dan
  2. Well dd,
    you have posed a question that has a thousand answers already, maybe try searching the forums for more tech info.
    I dont have nearly as much knowledge as some of the other members but ill try to answer your question :)
    But it looks as though youve done your homework already in regards of bike models.
    Have you had the chance to sit on any to get a feeling of which one suits you best?

    It looks as though your looking at a sports learner, all good, but there are some other bikes out there as well you could look at, eg. VTR250.

    You said you are 6"1' so you'll have to take that into consideration as well, i'm 6"7' and ive been looking at the Kawasaki ZZR250 and the
    Suzuki GSX250F Across, these two bikes fit me quite comfortably and from what ive read on the forums posted here and research on the net they are both pretty reliant bikes.

    I can only really comment on these two bikes as these are the two i am making a desision between.
    A few words of warning though on the other models you mentioned,
    Yamaha FZR250 - watch out for the grey imports
    Honda NSR-150 SP - may have to rebuild if thrashed or to many km's

    One more thing how long do intend on keeping the bike? (Is it for the learner period)

    Goodluck with it all dd :grin:
  3. ddmoore: your bike list could also use a GPX250 same motor as zzr250 just some slight differences but also the GPX is a little cheaper.
  4. * The NSR has a poor reputation mechanically.
    * None of them will use a lot of fuel.
    *Everything else will depend entirely on each individual bike, not the makes. :)

    The NSR is 2 stroke and will require more maintenence as well as being less suited to riding in town. The CBR's are great bikes and will slightly out perform the others on the list, but I don't believe for a second that they're actually worth the prices some people ask.

    The other bikes you've listed are all top little bikes and if you find one in good condition it will most probably do you proud. As others said, don't forget to add GPX250 to the list. :)
  5. Thanks for the detailed reply wedge and seany, helps alot when crunch time comes round.

    No i havnt had the chance to sit on any bikes bar the VTR250. mainly because i am not ready to buy yet, but also i dont know many motorcycle places round perth let alone ones that will have the models im interested in in stock. i dont want to waste someones time (whos selling private) if im not interested in buying.. if that all makes sense.

    At the moment i am learning on a VTR250, it is a great bike, but have been told it is nearing 5500 for a decent second hand one?
    i had a look on bikesales.com and couldnt really find a decent one around my budget.

    i AM however looking to keep the bike longer than my R-E License stage. this being said once i have got my R-E license i dont know how fast i'll become a-custom to the road and all its happenings. so in turn im not sure how long it will take for me to upgrade, whether its as soon as i can or longer if i think i need it.

    being 6"7' would mean your definatly taller than i am but not a huge amount of distance. so how much would you beleive that would be to impact my comfort on the ZZ-R250 and the GSX Across?

    anyway i really do appreciate all this, i've only been a member for 3 or 4 days and allready its being an awsome place to post, read and browse.

    looks like the NSR is off the list then. *out comes the red marker*

    im off to browse the board :)
  6. G'day I am 6'2" and about 95 kgs.

    Sat on the ZZR was too small for me. I ended up going with the Naked GT250 as it fit me pretty well. Also naked is cheaper to insure etc etc.

    So looking at the 250s around I would look at the VT250 Spada, CB250, Yamaha Zeal as decent size bikes.

    It also depends on how and when you are going to use the bike, commuting then comfort/relaibiliy first. If just weekend spurts then comfort not such an issue and the ZZR/CBRRR might be good bikes.

    Anyway you said your budget was $4,500 does this include your gear as this will probably cost you about $1,000 give or take.
  7. No my budget is 4500 for the bike.

    I am off to buy a jacket and pants within the next week.

    I have a set of decent gloves.
    so all that leaves is boots and a helmet.

    I have set mysefl up with a saving schedule so that i can save for the bike but have left over to put into a stash for when i need some gear.

    so i have 2k for the bike at the moment, but also on the side i have 600 (at the moment) for jacket and pants.

    Yeh, right at this point im more interested in the naked bikes, the Spada and the Zeal are the way im heading.

    Just wondering. i have seen this alot but ot 100% sure in what it means..

    RWC - at first i thought i was Rear WHeel Conversion.. but then it clicked..arnt all bikes powered by the rear wheel duuh dan" but yeh..

    what does RWC mean?
  8. Road Worthy Certificate
  9. Buy my spada for $3900 and spend the balance of your budget on freight and registering it in your state! My spada is much like any other to ride, but she has a screen and a wicked staintune exhaust which makes her loud and mean sounding.

    And lets not forget the new Pirelli's she's wearing. Most 250's come with horrible Dunlop Arrowmax tyres - I cannot believe I spent over a year on those things when that whole time my confidence in the tyres could have been more tangible.


    Regardless of what bike you buy, if it comes with Dunlop Arrowmax, swap them as soon as you can. They suck.
  10. As much as i'd like to flashfire, i only have 2k at the moment.

    I'm aiming for 4,500.

    I expect to have roughly 3k a bit over when i get my tax return back (about august september)

    im hoping to have 4500 before the end of the year :)

    but other than that looks like a really nice bike and should go soon.

    thanks for the tip on tyres, definatly something that i will invest in for sure.
  11. Dan, I've seen and heard Flashfire's Spada; it IS nice (Hi Flash!! :grin:)

    If you find yourself uncomfortable on the bikes on your list, see if you can have a look at a grey import Hornet 250 (although they do command a premium price) or maybe even a new Hyosung 250; both are 'full-sized' bikes, and may suit your height better
  12. I'm fond of the VTR250 at the moment, I think they're a very nice learner bike.
  13. Yeh hornet,
    it definatly does look like a bike in good nik.

    Basically, i really like the look of the Hyosung and the hornet's, but to be honest, im not looking to spend that amount on a first bike.

    mainly because i know im more prone to dropping, scratching it etc. and i dont want to be riding round on a bike thats got a ding or a scratch on it because im still a newb.

    I did have a chat with my old's they said they were interested in footing in for my gear, mainly because they dont want me riding in the first place. and it would be better for them knowing i have some top quality gear.

    anythong else (lessons, p's my own bike) i have to foot for. but that im happy with. im happy with paying for my own gear :)
  14. go the across....

    go the across.....

    the hand bag, sorry boot, come in real handy

    i have found mine to be easy to ride and learn on.
  15. I agree, they are lovely bikes, but just too pricey. I looked into these, and even 5-6 year old examples with decent k's still cost close to $5500 - $6000......
  16. Scott, thats precisly why im not looking at one.

    feasibly i can buy one if i want to save longer, but on the other hand i know im alot more pron to dropping, scratching and fcuking up my first bike, as goes for any rider.

    so i am going to try stear clear of more expensive bikes.

    I have been looking real close at the spadas now, zeals look good but i havnt seen as many round my area.

    I am about to be hired full time with my job, which means i am going to have a greater income p/week.

    so hopefully by the end of the month i'll be out sitting my arse on some, if not shopping for one. :)
  17. oh dd, if only you were in melb...:p

    i got a very good virago coming up for sale for just over $2000. cost me $25 a week to run, thats 7 days a week at LEAST a hours worth of riding per day. quite fuel efficient.

    just for anyone else itnerested for when i do sell, its got sports exhaist, t-bar handlebars, very nice condition, 18000k's and a 89 model. red in color.

    when i get my 06R6 ill post it up here for sale. (going to go check out what its going to cost me tomorrow ^.^)
  18. how much would it cost for a bike's trasport over to perth?

    anyone ver done it or visa versa?

    sounds like a good buy Breno :)