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Bike Hunting.. Cafe bike.. pref Twin.. 1000ish

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by fred_kroft, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. 2005 KTM 950 Superduke

  2. 2005 Triumph Speed Triple

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  1. Hello all

    I am hunting around for a new bike. After reading a few mags, I've
    decided to get either a KTM 950 Superduke
    (http://www.ktm.com.au/bike.php?bike=30), or the Triumph Speed
    Triple (http://www.triumph.co.uk/australia/788.aspx).

    I test rode a 2005 SuperDuke today. It's hard to say what they
    are like. I'm so not used to this style of bike at all. It was so alien
    (after riding sports bikes for 10 years and nothing else). So, I
    just took it easy. I did notice that the front wheel lifts with
    no effort at all in the bottom end. The motor looks well finished.
    Little things like "accessing the spark plugs" become important
    after one fails on you. This motor is generally accessable.
    The controls/display looks crappy though. The indicator controls
    are fragile. I can see this breaking.

    I tried to find a demo of the Speed Triple, but couldn't.

    Has anyone got any opinions on these bikes ?. Does
    anyone have any warranty horror stories ?

    What are part prices like for KTM and Triumph ?

  2. There's a lot of naked cafe bikes around now .. what made you settle on these 2 for final selection?
  3. I owned a '98 T595 for several years and when it was running properly I loved it, but it rarely was...an absolute lemon!

    You can find a silly rant of mine here:
  4. I'm bike-sitting a mate's Superduke atm; the brief blat from his place to mine, and another quick spin to have a twiddle with the suspension, sold me.

    I've pretty much found my next bike; sometime relatively soon, I'm chopping in the ZX6 and the ZX9, getting into a whole heap of debt and getting a Superduke and an '06 ZX-10R.

    I must say I don't follow your objections about the Superduke switchgear; it's generic stuf, virtually the same as you find on both my Kawasakis. Hooray for being able to switch off the headlight, too.

    Moving on from that mundane note, the Supeduke's pretty much the most insane thing I've ever ridden. I've been jibbering about it on the phone, online and in person to anyone who'll listen. Some of the recurring expressions I've used have been "the most headbanging piece of lunatic two-wheel anarchy ever", "this bike should come with an accessory straitjacket and an accessory explosives belt" and "it's like my YZ426, except with another cylinder grafted on".

    The brakes on it (monoblock Brembos with a radial master cylinder) are mega, the suspension (WP all round, with dual compression adjustment out the back) is mega, the controls (all top-shelf Domino stuff) are lush, but the engine takes some getting used to. Because it's built like a dirtbike engine, with a very light crank, it's not a fan of steady revs. It likes to be ridden exactly like a dirtbike, either on the gas or on the brakes, stomping through the gears in the applicable direction. Depending on your disposition, this makes it either too much hard work or what you've been looking for all your riding life.

    I'm in the second category. Cane it off the lights, double-tap into third and you're already barging, elbows-out, through whatever's ahead at twice its speed. Roundabout exits are full-throttle-in-second propositions, skimming the front tyre and steering with bodyweight over the rear contact patch. There's just no other way to ride it. Try, and it'll hate you for it as bad as any RGV.

    KTM made a promo film for the bike which features a Superduke terrorising winter traffic in a European city centre, overlaid on a pair of shaven-headed kickboxers thumping the shit out of each other in an empty warehouse. That pretty much encapsulates what the Superduke is about. With legislators and bureaucrats preoccupied with curtailing the untappable potential of 180hp/200mph sportsbikes, the guerillas at KTM spraypaint the security camera blind and slip this 110hp urban-warfare nailbomb in through the unguarded side entrance. This is a bike for people who count Fight Club in their top five favourite movies of all time and who know the words to Rage Against the Machine's "Sleep Now in the Fire", Public Enemy's "Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos" and whose to-do list includes learning enough German to understand Rammstein lyrics.

    It's a bike which tells you a lot about your character. Ride one, and you'll find if you're the sort of person who'll pen a letter to cops warning them about this new orange menace, or the sort who'll wheelie off in the direction of your state parliament to inscribe a feet-up doughnut around the fountain in the forecourt and escape just as the security gets there.

    I'm excited after reading that!


  6. Only one question IK, do you work for KTM? :p
  7. DUKE for sure read the review rapid did on it and youll be wrapped
  8. If I did, would I really try to paint the Superduke as a bike with such limited appeal? *grin*
  9. I remember reading an excellent review in Two Wheels about the Super Duke. They absolutely loved it.. The only thing they werent over the moon about was the small tank 15.5L given that it swallows 8.8L/100km..

    But really i couldnt see that being a big issue as it not as if your going to be touring with it... Also you would be riding the thing so hard you would need a break by the time you hit reserve..
  10. Well I'll give you this IK, you've definately got writing appeal ;) Sounds like a mean machine.
  11. 2006 paul smart replica ducati 1000
  12. Hi Mouth

    I want to try a bike that is not Japanese (just for something different). I want something
    that's over the top in power/weight ratio. Light, Small wheel base and up right. If
    possible, I want it to be a twin 1000ish. I don't want a Buell... or anything with
    push rods.

    The 2005 reviews seem to point to either the KTM, BMW or Triumph, so I am
    concentrating on these.

    ..although, I want to test ride as many bikes as I can... although, I have
    noticed that a couple of dealers weren't too willing to let me test ride their
    demos... I've never had that problem before.
  13. Hi djkearns,

    Thanks. When I take the speed triple for a test ride in 2 weeks time,
    I'll have a close look at the finish.

    From my last study of the trumpy's (about 5 years ago), they were
    expensive and not that fast. I was very surprised when I read the
    great reviews on all of their range.

  14. I just found that the controls are a bit crappy for a $20k bike. .. but this is a very
    minor issue with me ;)
  15. ok, Im the owner of the superduke IK wrote about, and just for something different I rode almost 3000km on it in 5 days. yes you can tour on it, yes the fuel light is shite, but you can get about 220 or a little more from the fuel tank. it seems as it runs in the economy is improving by upwards of 15%