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Bike hoons hit 300km/h

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by [FLUX], Apr 2, 2007.

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  2. yep love the well speed kills, oh except for the people who have died! :roll:

    330kmh is pretty quick though :shock:
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    Nice to see the last bit added. They usually just blurt the number and not the circumstances.
  4. I'm puzzled at how this speed was determined. With a radar?

    Can't be too many bikes capable of an actual & true 335kph, and yet here we seem to have many.

    My old piece of crap litre bike will touch 270kph actual in a pinch, but it'd need a good 3kms straight flat run to get there.
  5. A Blackbird in good nick is good for around 290 kays, a Haybusa around 300 kays, and that's about it, really.

    A mate has a GSXR1000 that saw 300 kays on the speedo, but it was closer to 280 kays going by a GPS and the tendancy for speedos to read high.

    Really, I s'pose it matters naught, when we're talking those sorts of speeds. But then you have to wonder how much is bullshit. If 4 riders have been killed (between what period?) and they weren't necessarily breaking the law, then what is the justification for the "crackdown"? An excuse to intimidate and harass, perhaps? Perception is a wonderful thing when spinning a story to suit your agenda, I reckon.
  6. Over 300kmh sounds much better than the 280-290 "before I lost one".

    "The superbikes can reach 335km/h, a speed which requires at least half a kilometre of roadway to stop" Not that much into Superbikes, but thought that a heavily modded 'Busa could just hit 320kmh (200mph) :?

    Enjoy the headlines guys, there will be all of the cager, and most of the biker population, giving you heaps for taking your machine to it's potential.
  7. If you read the story again, you'll notice that it's the writer that says "The superbikes can reach 335km/h, a speed which requires at least half a kilometre of roadway to stop."

    The cop says "I lost one at 280-290km/h, on the northbound lane of the motorway at Yatala. I couldn't catch him. He left me like I was standing still." - therefore he was estimating, not using radar, because he had already started pursuing. Besides, the rider was probably in a hurry to get away from the stench of the pet food factory.....

    The whole story is a beatup anyway, and as I see it, here's the facts:

    • Some 'Superbikes' can attain speeds of up to 335Km/h.
      Some bikes on the M1 are doing 200K's + to evade police at night because they can :LOL:
      The cops are upset because there's bikes on the road that are faster than theirs. :cry:
      4 motorcyclists have been killed on Gold Coast roads so far this year, but maybe not due to their breaking any laws, and possibly not on the M1 because the Gold Coast has lots of twisty roads favoured by motorcyclists on weekends.

    Anyhoo, them's my 2c (inc GST) worth
  8. We have had people break the law...
    we have had people die...
    They are unrelated but we will bring it up to insinuate a connection
    Isn’t that the way that shock jock helped fan the flames at Cronulla?
  9. Well according to the report it appears that absolutly every little bit counts

  10. It seems that the people commenting on that web site are no better than the journalist or police officer. For example:

    It seems all people drive 4WDs up there. Except of course for Michael Collins on his motorcycle.

    c'est la vie
  11. Worked Busa's go a lot quicker than 320-350kmh. These are top 3 results from a recent speed event in the UK... bikes aren't drag bikes, just modified street bikes, they still look like street bikes. These were Guiness book of records certified results over a flying kilometre runway.

    Top 3 results for top speed (can't be bothered with names cos never heard of them anyway, just bikes and speed):
    1. Turbo Busa 265.4mph / 427.1kmh (HOLY CR@P!!!!!!)
    2. Holeshot turbo 257.3mph / 414.1kmh
    3. Turbo ZX12 240.8mph / 387.5kmh

    The even more impressive bit is the guys who were trying for th efastest wheelie record which required the front wheel to be in the air for the entire km:
    Now for the nutters... fastest wheelstand over the whole km:
    1. GSXR1000 172.9mph / 278.2kmh!!
    2. ZX1200 160.0mph / 257.4kmh
    3. GSXR1000 156.1mph / 251.2kmh

    Ghostrider made an appearance and took the 'flying wheelie' record which only requires the front wheel to be off the ground as you cross the beams.... reset the world record to 215.7mph / 347kmh!!!
  12. Not necessarily. I'm not sure about QLD, but in VIC traffic cops have moving-mode cameras, that can accurate determine the difference in speed between the cop car and the target. I should know, I got done by one attached to an oncoming cop car on the other side of the road. :(
  13. I ride a zx12r
    ok top speed is supposed to be around 340 kmh
    but the f**king thing is restricked to 307 kmh
    and as far as i know most bikes from2001 have the same problems
    so how?
    can these bikes go so fast
    Fastests i've ever been was 270 and that was in a very straight line over a long distance
    sorry just for record zx12r 2006
    that should give the police scanning this site enought to work with :p
  14. Thanks for the figures DRMAT :beer:
  15. they most likely rod old ladies in wheel chairs too.

    bloody hoons. should all be shot.
  16. Umm, no, I think it might be that the police broke off pursuit at
    that point because he was riding
    a BMW tourer which is flat out at about 205km/h (See the
    photo in the article).

    Headlight range on a GOOD bike headlight is usually only 120-130km/h.

    I hate hypocrites (police who lie).
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  18. Is that for real? The speed differential between the bike and the cars he's passing does not look anything like as quick as it should.... he should be flying past those cars like they are standing still at those speeds. Even the trees don't look that quick....
  19. According to AMCN (current issue) the MVF4 is the fasted road bike they have ever tested, at 312kph, So what was this guy riding, or more to the point, what were they measuring him with. Some kind of blown bike is possible I suppose, but it sounds more than a little sus to me...
  20. It does look wrong in places, but when he is doing 100kmh in traffic it looks ok. If you look at the shrubbery to the side of the bike and not the trees, they do seem to go past quick.

    Remember, this is indicated speed. If my Blade can indicate 270kmh down the main straight at PI and I know I've got a corner at the end, then I'd be able to show at least 270+ on a straight enough road. Couple that with speed error, maybe some doctoring then the real speed might have been considerably less.