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Bike Hire Newcastle

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by willow2323, Oct 5, 2012.

  1. Hi all, Live in Maitland (nearish to Newcastle) and have a Suzuki GS500F that me and the missus fight over. Was hoping to find somewhere in Newcastle to hire a second bike for a weekend trip so we can carry a change of clothes!!! Does anyone know where I can hire one any closer than Sydney? Otherwise with, pick up and return to Sydney the costs and fun factor starts to blow out. Any help or recommendations appreciated.

  2. Um... should I take that as a no...?
  3. I'm not sure if Boyd's Suzuki does rentals or not but he has quite a lot of used bikes out the front at the moment.
    One of the major issues with bike hire is the cost to you if something should go wrong such as an accident where the insurance excess is so bleeding high, it'd be cheaper for you to find another GS500 for her to ride and then you'll have it forever.
    I really can't see how a bike rental would be that much different than a long test ride over a weekend but just keep in mind about the insureance.

    I even hate renting cars for that very reason...yeah you can pay a bit extra to get the escess down.....just another way of squeezing money out of you I reckon.


  4. Cheers guys and thanks for the replies. Agree that a second bike is the better option but as this is our first overnighter I guess we were keen to just find out if it's for us. We plan to take a light back pack but wouldn't want to do that all the time and since we were planning to do the run west of Wauchope, although it is still fun to do as a pillion, there is nothing quite like riding it yourself. A cheap tank bag or panniers might be a better option short term and comparable to a couple of days hire anyway. Thanks again
  5. Married, or girlfriend?

    If its girlfriend - you aren't going to need clothes.....

    If its your wife, maybe post a box of clothes a few days ahead, to the hotel, and post it back before you leave!

    $50 in postage is cheaper than a rental.
  6. Married and happily so. :)
    Went two up anyway with a small backpack and an improvised tank bag. On Saturday went from East Maitland up Bucketts way to Glouscester (fun), then up Thunderbolts to Walcha (funner!) and then East along the Oxley Highway into Wauchope (still grinning). On to Laurieton for an afternoon at the movies and then dinner with my bride. Home down the freeway this morning in the wind and the last of the holiday traffic. If she can put up with being perched on the back of that bike for that sort of distance, who am I to want for anything more... Happy days :)
  7. Good time of year to do it. Dont do it in winter unless you have been to Antarctica lol.