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Bike hire in Germany

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by paul_b, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I'm off to europe on holidays for 5 weeks soon. I thought it might be an excellent opportunity to spend a day at the nurburgring. Anyone know if there is anywhere nearby that you can hire out bikes?


  2. Head over to netrider and ask Glitch. They were over there a while ago and should be able to point you in the right direction (not exactly sure about the Nurburgring though).

    (Sorry for the other-forum-recommendations Mods).
  3. Not Germany specific, but I've looked a few times at hiring bikes overseas. to be honest I've never seen it as worth it.

    Very few companies do it and those that do charge a fortune. much, much more than cars. then you have to get one that would insure you on Nurburing. what about your travel insurance?
  4. Thanks guys,
    I thought there may be somwhere like the superbike school at the island, but obviously road registered seeing as how its such a famous piece of racetrack come public road. I'll keep digging around
  5. I went recently, hired a bike in Scandinavia as it was closest to where I landed, cost was around $100/day. Suggest you Autobahn it down to the Alps too, stunning roads and scenery.


    You should have zero trouble hiring a bike in Germany, it's cheaper too :)