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Bike Help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by FUS30N, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    New to this forum, i am just seeking advice on a bike suitable for Ls and Ps, I have been looking at a few different bikes, i was wondering if i could get some opinions on a couple of bike i have been looking at, eg, parts pricing performance ect,

    Cagiva Minto 125cc
    Honda CBR250
    Aprilia RS125

    I really like the the Aprilia RS125 But not 100% sure on how it stands up against other brands?

    all help appreciated

  2. You can start by dividing the bikes into two categories.

    2 Stroke:
    Mito 125

    The amount of mechanical knowledge you have or are willing to learn will determine weather you want a 2 stroke motorcycle. As they require more maintenance then a 4 stroke. They will be harder to source parts for and more expensive to repair fairing if you crash one due to the limited number of these bike here in Aus.

    Performance wise they wont be too far behind the 4 stroke 250's although they will need to be revved into the ground to get any kind of speed out of them. However they are smaller and lighter than the 4 strokes so you may be able to out corner a 250. But this is more to do with rider skill than the bike when you talk about learner legal bike.

    4 Stroke:

    4 strokes require less maintenance then a 2 stroke however if you are going to be getting into bike you will have to learn to perform basic maintenance tasks or hand over $$$ for a mechanic to do rather simple tasks.

    The ZXR and CBR are so close specs wise that the only difference in performance and handling will be the rider. I can't speak for the ZXR but sourcing parts for the CBR is very easy. There are so many of them getting around you can get anything you need for them.

    The ZXR's are generally cheaper than the CBR's due to the CBR's popularity but if I could find a cheap ZXR in good nic mechanically i'd jump on it as they are very good bike.

    Ride them all and make your own mind as far as what suits you best. These bikes must have been discussed a million time on forums and what I've written above is really just regurgitation of what I've read as 6 months ago I was asking very similar questions. Have a look through the search function to find out more.
  3. If you only want it to get you through your L's and P's don't spend heaps of money on a Aprillia or Cagiva or anything else thats going to cost you heaps in parts (if they need them) because you wont get it back.

    I recently got a Kawasaki GPX 06 model its great its got enough power to pull me along at more then the speed limit, keeps in front of traffic, economical and there are enough of them around to get parts from if you need them.

    (fit between stopped cars really well too!!)

    ps i think pics in sigs isn't allowed on this site man.
  4. VTR250

    All great options. Don't limit yourself to the list of 4 over rated sportsbikes (they're all really slow) and don't limit yourself to a faired bike unless you're prepared to pay for the falls or keep it upright. If you only want it while you're on restictions, then forget all your listed options and buy a VTR. :)

    Oh yeah, Zealt is right about the pics in your sig being against the rules. Best to fix it up, yeah. :)