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Bike Help Needed - most powerful

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by dkabab, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Hey, im basically after a bike that has the most powerful engine. im going to be building a custom vehicle of sorts for track use and want to use a bike engine. i was wondering if i could please get some suggestions as to what bike i should be looking at to be a donor.

    the racer will be about 400kg all up including engine so it should have some torque to it, but i dont want a cruiser engine. so yeah, whats the most powerfull engine im going to find in a 2nd hand bike.

    i was thinking hyabussa or something similar. around 1000-1400cc.

    any suggestions will be greatly appreciated..


  2. try google
  3. i did and i found this forum, where i though some enthusiasts could help me out.
  4. Turbocharged hyabusa. In reality almost anything 4 cyl and over 600cc is pretty bloody powerful but if you want some torque as well (cos 400kg is heavyish) you'd be better off with at least a 1000. Early r1's are pretty torquey and so are gixxers. Any jap 1000 has a sh*tload of power and torque. What's this custom vehicle you're building? Pics? :cool:
  5. Will this be an offroad kart/buggy?

    I would suggest that you look more at practicality, availability, price, ease of mounting etc more than outright horsepower. Whether you've got 140 or 170hp will be a bit of a moot point you'll find.
  6. no pics or hints as to what it will be, but it will be a road going/track vehicle.

    i want to use a stock engine for registration reasons. ive heard bikes may not have emissions testing.... is this true? if thats true then a turbo maybe down the track.

    eventually i would like to sell what i am building on a low volume (5-10/yr) so no more info at this stage
    i have a fair bit of experience in cars and engineering, just not so much with bikes, so thats why i joined here.

    the vehicle will be registered as a bike :wink:
  7. Triumph Rocket - although mate in Ulysses who turned his into a Trike blew something up in his.

    "...my Rocket transmission bit metal big-time. it's a full strip-down job..."
  8. Munch Mammut
  9. Any big detuned engine would be good, eg cbr1100xx blackbird, hayabusa, zzr1100, zzr1200, zx14
  10. haha yeah not quite. i could use a car engine, but i want a smller lighter bike engine. cheers
  11. the other thing i forgot to ask is about fuel injection. from what ive heard around 1998 and onwards most bikes are EFI? is thi a good rough guideline? i do want an EFI engine
  12. I want to do the exact same thing dude.... I want to build a buggy for off road/sand dunes with a hayabusa motor and gearbox and have a bar welded to gear lever to come into the cabin with the clutch lever on the end of that, like a suicide shifter.
    As some other guys have suggested there have been other conversions with different motors, youtube has a few and one company sells a complete kit with or without motor, built or DIY. But i must tell you it costs $10K for that with no motor. Its called 'Predator'.

    Go for the hayabusa motor definitely and put smaller ratios cause i doubt your gonna want to do 300km/h, the taller gears would be useless.


  13. wow yeah thats awesome!!! how big are those shocks!!!!!
    its similar but what i will be building will be purely street/road use, so it will be more like a westfield or ariel atom.
    i will most likely buy a complete bike then strip it for parts
  14. Yeh i wasnt going to go that extreme on shocks either, its how its positioned.
    Ohh i get ya.. Ur best bet would be to buy a go kart frame then and modify it for the motor. Dude seriously type R1 go kart in youtube
    and its the first video :grin: , when you see this yoou'll change ur mind,
    with the conversion it weighs peanuts, and at least you can drive it on a go kart track and smash anything if u can keep it straight.
  15. nah its cool, ive designed most of the chassis in 3d already. i will be fabricating it all myself. guess you'll have to sit tight and wait till its done (will probably take me the best part of 12 months)
    i'm in the process of building a 1/4 scale model of the chassis. will be getting engineering aproval soon.... hopefully.
  16. In reality, u would be hard to go past a Hayabusa engine, they run forged pistons standard, the bottom end is almost identical to the GTI Swift, u can pull 200 plus HP and still keep reliability in normally aspirated form. The EFI can be modified and driven by any full ECU ie: Motec or Haltech or similar or u can piggy back the existing ECU with a variety of aftermarket units, probaly the most popular would be a usb111 power commander.
    Mentioned elsewhere on this thread was a Munch Mammoth engine, these were just NSU car engines around the 1300cc, the power, reliability and parts availability is not there.
    The Kawasaki ZX14 engine is also worth a look, however for availability, parts, reliability & power, stick with a 'Busa engine.

    Tex & Bundy
  17. sounds like the hayabusa would be a good candidate.

    not being a motorcyclist, how do the 1400cc tourer bikes like the Suzuki GSX1400 tourer compare with the high speed bikes like the hayabusa? i see they rev 1000rpm lower than the 'busa. are they a lazier engine?
  18. The Suzi 1400 engine develops around a lazy 100hp in stock form, this would double and the engine will handle it if u were to fit it up with a hair dryer!
    The 'Busa was/is a benchmark engine and there are plenty of them around and are readily available world wide at M/C wreckers, something u need to consider if u are building a saleable kit car!.

    Tex & Bundy