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Bike height on some Jap 250 bikes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TimTam, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    just out of curiosity can someone tell me what the heights are for these bikes?

    -honda cbr250rr (aust. model)
    -kawasaki zxr250
    -yamaha fzr250

    so basically whats the lowest bike out of the 3 (im a shorty).


  2. cbr250rr (aust. model) no such thing they are a grey import that are complienced before registration basically so are the zx2r and the fzr

    i would think they are all very similar in height well at least the zx2r and the cbr250rrs on sunday looked the same
  3. Can i ask how tall you are?

    I've found cbr's to feel smaller then the rest.
  4. G'Day TT, i weigh in at about 4' 18" and ive only found the zzr250 to have a good seat height. by the way are you male or female as that can make a diffrence
  5. i think he/she is after a race replica cafe racer type of 250
  6. yeh i figured that but i too tried a couple of these bikes and found i was to short in the legs. However females are generaslly longer in the legs than males so one of the choices maybe acceptable.

    The best wayh is to go and sit on each one of them and see how they feel.
  7. Do a search for "Insert Bike Here" Specifications and it will tell you... They call it ground work... Do some ;)
  8. ZZR is 30" seat height. I'm 6' and its ok for me. I wouldn't mind being a bit shorter though as I like jap bikes :LOL:
  9. Er yes there is - CBR250RRs were sold here officially (plenty of grey imports too), ZX2R and FZR are grey import only.
  10. ah ok i thought it was only the cbr250 and the cbr250r's that were offically sold here
  11. he's still correct in the sense that no manufacturer makes an "Australian model" of anything!

    if you are concerned about seat height (and that won't last long with practice!), all those bikes are old and will have worn out suspensions - some worse than others. Original factory seat heights don't include suspension droop and worn out seats :D
  12. Both the CBR and ZXR are 735mm the FZR is 750mm. :)
  13. Actually I believe the CBRs sold here post '94 weren't restricted to 40ps like those sold in Japan. So although not strictly speaking an "Australian model" they were different to those sold in Japan and this is the only country that they were officially exported to.
  14. sorry im a male, a short one :)
  15. So you're actually 5' 6"???
  16. You can always have the bike lowered and seat sculpted.. I had to do both because I'm a real short ass! So even if one of the 3 bikes is a little too tall there are ways around it.. :grin:
  17. Teh CBR would have to lowest seat height.

    Jen: you're not that short, my g/f's little bit shorter. :p
  18. how much do dealers usually charge to lower bikes?

    also anyone know the seat height for Suzuki RGV ?