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Bike has no power, gutless, revving out..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by deXtrous, Jan 7, 2012.

  1. Hey folks... I'm trying to sell my little zzr 250 but nobody seems to wanna pick it up. When I, a ligher rider, get on it it seems to have fine power getting up hills and such.. But when anyone else gets on they call it gutless, they say it revvs out, cant climb hills, etc..

    Any idea what this could be? What sort of issue could I possibly be looking at?
  2. 250cc parallel twin
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  3. clutch slipping?
  4. clutch never slips, maybe it's the spark plugs or fuel line?
  5. check if all the spark plugs are working, if they are, check your ignition coil.
    when i had the rear ignition coil shit itself on my hyo 650r, it rev'd slow and didn't have much power at all.
    took, what seemed like forever to get it upto 80ks an hour.
  6. They might be trying to knock the price down. See if someone you know with an idea about bikes can ride it and tell you whether or not it's running like it should.
  7. It is a gutless bike that revs a lot, it seems to me that the "testers" are trying to knock down the price by not having a fricken clue.
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  8. I had a little ZZR for years. It was useless in low revs, but get it up high (ie. bouncing off redline) and it's a screamer. Never a powerful bike though. What more can you expect from a machine with pistons the size of boiled eggs? ;)
  9. Yep, it sounds like the people testing it have no idea how to stay in the powerband. They're probably trying to ride up a mountain in 5th gear, at 1200rpm.
  10. My uncle rode it a few months ago and also commented on lack of power.. He had no interest in buying the bike either. Two seperate parties who've come to look at the bike have said the same thing also.

    I'll check out the plugs.

    It revs fine, but it seems like the bike doesn't have as much 'punch' for the revs it's on. Come to think about it, my gf's old 86 gn250 had more punch in first than my ZZR does.
  11. How many Kms has it done in total?
    Compression test eventually perhaps but check the electricals first as you had intended.
  12. What he said...

    How many K's has it done ?
    How well has it been maintained? serviced regularly??

    Curious question..
    When were the valve clearances last checked ?
    When were the carbs last checked and balanced?
  13. My first suspicion would be crud in one of the main jets, which I would investigate after first verifying that the plugs, air filter, fuel line and fuel filter were all good.
  14. Bring it over to eastern suburbs and I'll give you a third opinion. Giving it a full service is always a healthy treatment for a bike.
  15. + 1 for checking the spark plugs. I had my 250 for a service once and it was great in the shop, then I went to ride away and kept stalling it. Revved OK, responsive, etc but as soon as it went to haul my ass along, it would die unless I twisted the throttle A LOT.

    Turns out that when putting some of the fairing back on, they knocked the spark plug lead off, so it was running on one cylinder. Easy fix.