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bike has its own mind when it comes to starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Tomcatalex, Jun 13, 2008.

  1. I wanted to start my bike the other day, the starter was turning but the bike didnt want to kick over
    I kept on trying for about 10 times and it still didnt want to.
    It got to the point the headlight was going orange, so I just quite, and took the car instead.

    when I got back, about 2 hours later, I just gave it a go again before opening the thing up, it started first go

    what can this be???
  2. sounds like it got too much fuel the first time. If it doesn't fire in the few few attempts, turn the choke off, crank it over and gradually wind open the throttle.
  3. It just did it the one time, never berfore never again , dont know if it will in the future

    you might be right, but I was thinking the bike didnt want me to ride it at that specific time, I might of had a crash or something, just a stupid thought i had.
  4. I used to have probs like this on my across occasionally.

    I havent really had any issues since i replaced the carbie slide holders (these wear out on the across around 30,000k)

    however after trial and error i found that if it didnt want to start (and i didnt want to wait the 2hrs or so that it would take to want to start normally)

    i turned the fuel tap to OFF and then would try to start it and it seemed to work after 1 or 2 goes. i have no explanation for this as it shouldnt be a primer, but it pretty much always seemed to work.

    give it a try next time

    and FFS get rid of that X913 crap...its an across... be proud, those bloody stickers didnt help its image
  5. By "first time" I meant the first time you hit the starter button.

    I believe you've done the slide holders recently?
  6. one little thing i noticed in my cbr250 manual is that it says if your bike wont start, turn the kill switch to off and hold the starter on for 10 secs with full throttle, then stop and turn the kill switch to run and hit start..this works everytime for me....dont get me wrong i dont have to use this method very often only sometimes when its freezing outside. Maybe this could help you...
  7. I'm unfamiliar with the electrics on the cbr. If you put the kill switch to off, does that also kill your starter or just the sparks?
  8. Like all small engines, too much fuel - max throttle, zero choke, as soon as it starts trying to start, choke back on, and trottle at your engine-specific setting (Between zero throttle and half throttle for most engines - the setting you find it starts easiest at), and it should start. (I say engine specific, as while I've run a couple of engines that like cracked throttles, others like closed throttle, and even the KLR250 likes a half-3/4 throttle at full choke.
  9. Nah, that didnt help, i tried it on off, res and on, same thing either way

    X913 is the model number, x = gs-x 9= series in gsx250, my old gsx250e was x813 or gsx280a this one x913 or gsx290a

    Im proud of x913,gsx250f and across, the only bike with a boot
  10. Nah, i took them out and bent them so there wouldnt be any movement, i did buy some from action suzuki at $5.70 each but will wait till mid range is stuffed again, so far the riding is going great, the problem is starting the thing.
    It starts if i ride it within 3 days, if i leave it standing any longer, in this case 5 days, the thing doesnt want to start
  11. Also I forgot to mention that it will try to start the first time I press start, but it just doesnt get there, then after that every other attempt to start is useless.
    I notice that the first time the fuel pump makes a sound before starting, then it doesnt, the battery is fine, the starter turns over fast enough to start so dont think its either of these things, I think its something with the fuel system, any ideas?? need help, this situation is shitting me.

    And last thing, its strange how i have to wait like 2 hours before the thing try to kick over again.
  12. Have you tried clearing excess fuel as per the suggestions above?
  13. Yes, ive tried to turn it over with fuel cock on off, and also with choke off
  14. The last time I was fed up and was ready to open the thing up, but gave it a crank before doing so, guess what it started.

    Now again it was left for 4 days no riding, it wanted to start but i may have let go of the starter half a second to soon and it didnt, now its the same shit again, doesnt want to kick over, will wait another 2 hours and try again, Im sure there must be a way to fix this problem :cry:
  15. Well if you've tried clearing it by winding open the throttle and cranking at the same time, I'd be looking at spark.

    How old are the plugs?
  16. You know, i dont know, i bought the bike 2 months ago, never taken the plugs out because my plug remover was d size, now ive got to get a 14mm i think, will check later today, might buy some new plugs, but i still think its fuel, as the problem is intermitent, and is there if the bike stands for a while, it might be something is getting cloged in the carbs or the fuel pump not working properly, could it be in the motor/flywheel, the carbs are electronic too, could they cause the problem
  17. Do you turn your fuel tap to the off position when you get off your bike?
  18. no, should I have to do that, seeing the bike has an electric fuel pump, which only pumps fuel when the ignition is on
  19. Last night went to test the bike if it started,
    1st go, so I was forced to go for a late night ride, which I enjoyed.

    Dont understand the bikes willingness to start when it feels like it, its more like a donkey than a bike.
  20. Hey mate,

    I have an Across and I have had the same issue for ages I always wondered why the hell I couldn't get it to start and for the first few months I was jump starting it, then I figured it out.

    Take your typical cold morning:

    1) Key in, ignition on, kickstand up (hear the fuel pump go)
    2) Turn the throttle to full a few times before starting it...
    3) Then put the choke on, and push in the starter (NO THROTTLE - This was my mistake I don't know if you put it on or not....)
    4) It should start to kick over, then put some throttle on.....and away you go..

    I used to try and start it will some throttle, but I found if it didn't start the first time I pressed the starter it would not want to start at all...

    So basically the trick is not using any throttle....I hope this helps you out with your problem, now it starts every time without fail, even on the coldest of mornings!

    Also, I fixed my clutch lever switch (its those two wires going to the thing under your clutch lever, and the two screws) it was getting clogged up and the thing wouldn't turn over at all....figured it out eventually....good as new!