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Bike Haiku

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Scrambles, Mar 29, 2007.

  1. As requested

    Here are some I made up whilst robbing the snack machine...

    The chain is tensioned
    Don’t forget to clean your rims
    Non fling oil my arse

    Splitting to the front
    You are master of the road
    Oh shit it’s the fuzz

    A nudge from the rear
    Cager did not look ahead
    A flykick for you

    I must post my thoughts
    Emoticon decadence
    I am such a nerd

  2. drunk in jindabyne
    peering through red bloodshot eyes
    but too tanked to ride
  3. haiku makes me scoff
    articulated dribble
    where'd i put my beer?
  4. Just go and ride nude
    Nothing like wind in your pubes
    Wasn't even drunk

    Dropped bike in driveway
    In front of an Outlaw Gang
    That bastard side stand
  5. This ones for your Scrambles...

    Netrider meetup.
    Got to have me some pancakes,
    You owe me five bucks.

    Thought I might remind you of that :p
  6. Actually when everyone had buggered off after throwing cash on the table, we were short over about $10 or $15, which Scrambles kicked in out of his pocket >_>

    Some rider forgot
    To take drinks into account;
    You negligent minge.

    You'll have to siphon your $5 in petrol, a little out of everyone's bikes at the next meet :grin:

    Nothing so awesome
    As aftermarket blinkers;
    Pure blingin' gangsta.

    No, this lane is mine
    You stay in yours c0cksucker.
    Please check your blind spots.

    Seen in slow motion,
    My helmet fell to the ground.
    Reckon it's OK?
  7. Also for Scrambles:

    Just go and ride nude
    'Cause breezy pubes are cool, and
    You know chicks dig scars
  8. (this one could probably be in General or somewhere, 'cos they're generally more fun than funny)

    One more sunny day
    Brisbane bikers have it good
    I fcuking love this

    To split or not to
    That is the question right now
    Ah, fuggit - let's ride!

    (I trust you'll pardon
    My higher than usual
    Profanity level)
  9. The wind in your face
    The wheels turning round and round
    My arse is asleep.

    Haiku's are strange things
    When not in Japanese they
    Don't really sound good.
  10. Strict real haiku form
    Requires season, nature
    Not just 5 7...

    Brisvegas eschews
    Seasonal variation -
    Makes difficulties

    Eternal summer
    Makes for bad English haiku
    Awesome riding, but
  11. 5

  12. i looooove this one - feels right.......

    well done everyone.... :)

    keep em coming (i can't cause i never could get haiku - but i love how they sound)
  13. Thanks for the heads up,
    I'll make sure I bring a hose.
    Damn under-payers.
  14. The funniest thing about this thread is imagining everyone sitting there with intent concentration etched on their brow, busily counting their fingers...
  15. Is is five, seven, five?

    I can't remember.
  16. Five seven five is
    The path to write a Haiku
    Garlic sauce is crap
  17. A bit more abstract...

    Going nowhere and
    Everywhere all at once
    Freedom is living

    Garlic sauce is crap?
    Do you enjoy a kebab?
    How to flavour it?
  18. What is that foul stench?
    My helmet smells like armpit
    Too much garlic sauce

    Controlled chaos is
    The definition of riding
    Closer to the edge
  19. Five Eight Five Haiku?
    That is not the way to write
    A proper Haiku
  20. Crap, I must have been
    Drunk, and mispronounced it or
    Miscounted fingers

    Middle article
    (Definite) is pointless, so
    It can come correct