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Bike Groups

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by c0rrupt, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Hey, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section, but I just can't see where else it would fit in...

    I was just wondering if Australia, or more specifically Melbourne had bike groups / gangs (i use the word 'gang' very losely and not to imply anything at all related to hells angel/bandito type gangs) i.e like stunt group riders like there are in the US etc.

    I've seen a number of dudes on beach road/beaconsfield pde that fly past on r6/1's gixxer's etc doing wheelies/stoppies/canning it thru traffic at 100ks ... just wondering if this is the same group or just randoms

    and if there is what you would call close knit groups of people going out all the time?

    Sorry bit of an odd one but its been something i've been wondering for a while.

  2. You certainly wouldn't call them gangs, that term is exclusively used for Angels/Banditos type organisations.

    If you want the honest truth, the activity you describe attracts serious police attention here so you probably wouldn't want to put any kind of a name or identity to such a group. It would make tracking them easier. Stunters tend to be loose associations and very anonymous. They get to know each other at informal gatherings like coffee nights...

    Clubs going for rides out of town is a different story.
  3. Thanks for that Titus - I used 'gang' for lack of a better word. Agreed that it draws alot of heat and attention but it doesn't seem to stop the guys doing it there.
  4. i think the word your looking for is crew

    and try some other online forums that are less noticable than NR
  5. Hah... thats the word I was looking for. Cheers.
  6. who's Valentino Rossie, Zbike??
  7. Crews - Hmmm, such an American term...... :cool:

    Stunt Groups and Clubs I think are the Aussie term for it..... :grin:

    In any case, there will be litrtle clubs around so you may have to do a little searching. Netrider is for us SLOW riders that are too concervative to do these things.

    We obey all laws. :eek: :LOL:

    PS. Welcome :)
  8. Not so much looking for one, was just curious if there was much of a culture here in Oz/Melb for it as the only place i've seen anything close was down in port melbourne and thought that might be a bit of hangout for that kind of stuff :)
  9. <VicPol communications monitoring team reads this post and immediately sends half dozen SWAT teams down to Port Melbourne> :LOL:
  10. Haha shit... i've just ruined a few peoples day then!! Sorry! lol - either that or have just wasted police resources :grin:
  11. rofl, he duels every few weeks with Kasey Stonor, you know, on bikes!
  12. seany - had a look around both those, no doubt there would be a few on here who I have seen. Anyway, its all good fun and look forward to catching up with some of you :)

  13. The group are called twats.

    And all you have to do to join is ride up and down the same straight stretch of road over and over again being a dick and generally giving riders a bad name.

  14. Also known by the nickname "The Proctor"
  15. Yeah, be wary of Skuffy. It's painful to sit behind him in or even out of traffic. :roll:
  16. Yeah these guys ride around without helmets & proper protective gear.. pillions on the handle bars etc

  17. Has Kermit got his tongue down Miss Piggy's neck?
  18. I reckon the stunters who do happy laps down the same stretch of road are a bunch of muppets! :rofl:
  19. Hahah... that picture is quality