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Bike Grab stand

Discussion in 'Everything Else' started by the_blacke, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. Cost: $215 plus shipping
    From: http://oneup.com.au/
  2. what's the point of a front stand if you use a rear? <-- genuine question
    doesn't look like it serves a purpose except to just hold the bike while you lift the back?
  3. 99% of why I bought it is to hold the bike while I lift the back. I've nearly dropped it trying to get it on the rear stand by myself, decided it wasn't worth risking it :)

    the other 1% is so that I can:
    a) bolt it to the driveway and lock the bike to it
    b) bolt it into a trailer for transport
    c) indulge my love of getting stuff.
  4. The alternatives are from Ventura and Kaneg. I've had a Ventura one for years and they aren't so good. The tyres can stick and make it hard to get out. The Kaneg one is quite good, but perhaps not as substantial as the bike grab. Mainly use them so I can have the bikes more upright and have more room in the garage. And the bikes are very stable so less worry about someone knocking them over. My ER6 had a lot of weight on the back wheel and it was hard to get it on a paddock stand without one of these. Find them very convenient.

    Gadget junkies of the word unite.
  5. yeah right there with you twistngo... my brother bought one at the same time so that he can keep his striple upright in his very small garage - great devices for saving a bit of space!
  6. right now I use blocks of wood under the stand to keep the bike almost vertical due to the lack of space.
    manage to squeeze in 2 bikes and an old mx5 into a single garage but sometimes I worry that the bike might get tipped over.
    This bike stand would put my mind at ease.. would consider getting one in the near future.
    Is this one of the more 'value for money' stands out there or did you consider other brands before choosing this one?
  7. I looked at some of the cheaper ones, but I heard a couple of people talking about welds braking on the cheaper models. And I didn't fancy that.
  8. Looks like a handy device, bit exxy though. I put a piece of wood under the stand to level the bike. Tie a shoelace around the front brake to hold it on and never had a drama. Cost ?? how much does a shoelace and a piece of wood cost? less than $215.
  9. I love those bike grabs. I have one to help me get my Rocket on to (and off of) my hoist and from what I can see it doesn't look like it is going to fail any time soon.
    Sure it is a bit pricey, but I'd rather pay $215 than trying to pick my bike up.