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Bike Gizmos

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by hornet, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with this device?
    I figure something that gives the hard-working battery in the modern bike a bit of a rest can't be a bad idea? It seems from what they say to be well thought out, and costs only 70 bucks

  2. Looks a bit useless to me. $70 for a device which switches your headlights off until you hit first gear? Naw.

    Also, what if it stuffs up and leaves you with no lights in the middle of a ride?
  3. looks good for the biker who has everything, i don't think i'll be getting to that point any time soon though :cry: :wink:
  4. Most modern bikes use 'parkers' or very low beam until the engine is started, but this could be useful for older bikes though, especially those that don't get ridden very often.

    My old sr250 often wouldn't start with the headlights on, as the battery was pretty crap. So I got into a habit of turning them off when I turned the bike off. Many times I was riding around with them off, which would have attracted a fine... so this could help in that case.
  5. No offence, but I see it as useless. Batteries like to be charged and discharged anyway rather than just sit on the float. Chances that your gizmo is gonna fail and drain your battery or turn your headlight off in the middle of the night on some lonely road are far greater than chance that it will preserve your battery. If you have a dodgy battey, invest that money in the new one instead of trying to push away it's death with gizmo or similar device. On top of that, you can make your gizmo yourself for less than $20 including package and everything.

    My 2c, if it's worth even that.
  6. Damn you!!! I started writing this reply before you !!!! :LOL:
  7. I think the idea is that the light (which is permanently on in our modern nanny world) does not come on until the engine starts, thereby relieving the battery of some stress in the process.
    In terms of "what if it stuffs up and leaves you with no lights in the middle of the ride?", if you had read the site you would have found that the default setting if the device fails is to leave the lights on, sigh, reading is a lot better than ignorance.
    Further to which, I wasn't asking for opinion, I was asking for experience, I'm sure I said that, or wasn't that read either???
  8. How much is a battery for a bike? Wouldnt you be better off with the money in your pocket for a new battery?
  9. Oh come on mate, no offence as I said, no hard feelings. Failsafe OK. But what if gizmo's wire harness gets shorted on the bike frame and pops the fuse because guy in the shop "knew" what he was doing when he installed it? How failsafe is that? I'm coming from a point where you don't put something on a bike if you don't really need it. Less chance something can go wrong. And I don't see gizmo as something that you really need. Maybe you do, but I don't :) . Difference in opinions, you'll find it everywhere! :D

    Cheers mate!!! Gizmo or not, we still get whiped by the wind!!!
  10. Good grief!!! I HAVE a new battery, this device is to extend its life by not having the lights running when the bike is started.
    How many of you start your CARS with the lights on (apart from Volvo drivers, who don't get a choice???)
  11. yeah romer, and a gizmo like that would just add extra weight to your bike so it wouldn't be able to make it up the top of a hill!!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Maybe it'll zap too much power from your bike that it won't accelerate
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Yeah sorry. What i mean was... If you dont buy that thing and your battery wears out 3% quicker is it worth it?

    No i dont start my car with the lights on. But say i stalled it at night i wouldnt go out of my way to turn em off before starting it again. I dont think the lights put that much stress on the battery.

    Anyway ill shut up now cause i dont have any genuine technical argument :D
  14. Don't most bikes have a relay that cuts out the headlight while the starter's cranking? Pretty sure even my old CB250 had that. :?

  15. Mate don't insult my chop. It makes Any coast choppers cry when they see it. They wish they can make one as good as mine :p
    I'll have to get one of those type R engines, I'm not sure if they make them in V twin air cooled configuration tough. Then I'll show you :LOL: you and the rest of you on THOSE back breaking wrist grinding crotch rockets, especially in-line 4 ones :D WHOOOPS BETTER DUCK FOR COVER NOW :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. how much is a new alternator? Sometimes even with brand new battery, old bike's electrics can be very dodgy, so leaving as much juice as possible for ignition could be very handy.
  17. Yeah thats fair enough.
  18. Yeah, I put such gadgets up there with "oggy" knobs.....
  19. If you're idling the bike for ages to "warm it up" you're not doing it any favours.

    Start it up and ride away. If the bike can't manage that, get it tuned properly. That would be a lot more useful.

    How much charge are you going to lose by having the headlight on 10 seconds longer? If your charging system can't make it up, then you have another problem to address before fitting extra electric gizmos.
  20. I think I'd rather get the dodgy electrics rectified than spend good money on something that *might* make a small difference to *part* of the problem.