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Bike gets wet, trouble ensues

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Dodd, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Morning all,

    Before i proceed to outline my problem, i just want to let you know this is post asking for ideas/tips/has this happened to you. Im useless with a spanner and will get this looked at, but am hoping for peoples ideas so i wont get ripped off by a service centre.

    Bike is a 1990 GSF250 Bandit. Done 46,000kms and was serviced at 42,000kms. Due for a major service soon.

    When im out riding in moderate rain, after around 15 minutes my bike will lose power and hit flat spots. The best way to describe this is, i will take off, get to 6k RPM at 3/4 - full throttle, bike will hit 6k, just sit there until it gets till about 6100 RPM - 6500RPM, then proceed to accelerate normally up till about 11k RPM, then do it again. If i use half throttle, i seem to be able to avoid this issue until i have to use more than half throttle.

    This has been happening regularly for the last 6 months, but not enough to be a huge issue. It was really poor last night where i was trying to go up a hill and was holding up traffic and had to pull over. Once pulled over the bike stalled.

    Im thinking it may have something to do with AFR (water coming in the air filter or water into the fuel) Carby issues (not likely) or electric.



  2. Your thoughts that it has something to do with air, fuel or electricity are spot on - that's everything an engine needs to run. If it only happens in the wet, that would suggest (and the bike keeps running), to my mind that suggests that your air filter might not be flowing enough. I'm not sure where it is on your bike, but does its location lend any weight to that theory?
  3. Fitty,

    It sits up the front, being a naked it probably cops a fair chunk of road/car water spray into it. It has an aftermarket filter on it, on of those steel ones. I am thinking this most likely the cause. And if this is the cause, how to stop it from happening?
  4. Bandit? Rain? Flat?

    Replace the spark plug HT caps.
  5. Have you suffered the same in the past or is this common knowledge i should know? :oops:
  6. I've replaced dozens.

    They're what? Bakelite? Plastic? Rubber? Exposed to all elements including direct UV?

    And probably 20 years old?

    No brainer.
  7. Jodies Bandit 250 does exactly this in the rain too... no problems when it's dry.

    I'll try replacing the spark plug HT caps, thanks for the suggestion.
  8. I have a similar issue with my zx9, I park it outside work and it rains during the day, when I ride it home it sputters and has very little power. I figure it's water getting into the fuel after it pools around the filler cap. Usually it comes good again after a bit of riding to burn out the moisture from the fuel. This morning it would hardly start and died when I applied power, I'm taking the spark plugs out tomorrow and giving them a clean and checking the air filter while I'm at it. It's been about six months since I last did this so it's about due.
  9. Beat me to it, classic symptoms. the bandit's is quite easy, rip the tank off, take your new -off-the-reel steel/copper cored cable (need to buy about 1-1.2 m, and unscrew the old cable from the coils and the plug caps. measure, cut and screw the new ones in. Bit of electrical tape around each mating point if you feel like being finicky.
  10. I'd have thought if it was an air filter or fuel issue it would be a more persistent problem that lasted after the rain had gone. If it's only when it rains and for as long as it rains, it sounds more likely to be electric to me.

    I have no specific knowledge of the bike but if leads are a known symptom in other bikes, then that's where I would be looking first.
  11. cheers for the replies.

    Are the caps a "buy off the shelf" item or do i need to do as above? ^^^
  12. They screw onto the end of the lead.

    Unscrew one and take it to Repco or Burson. They sell genuine NGK resistor caps.

    4 will probably cost less than 1 from Suzuki (which are... NGK)
  13. Will Do.

    Cheers for the help guys... Will let you know how i go.