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Bike gear warehouse in inner west SYD?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by ngalbrai, May 15, 2013.

  1. Hi,
    Have been there ages ago, girlfriend at the time drove as she knew of it, can't remember where it was, great big warehouse type place stocked lots of Dainese and other brands, maybe on parramatta road - anyone know the place? Tried googling it and only came up with the usual suspects, bikebiz, mcas etc.

    Any ideas?

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  2. Mate it's closed down, they had some "all you can carry" sales last year, ran by Matt miladin he doesn't have any store(s) anymore
  3. Curses! So where's the next equivalent place? MCAS? Not a huge range, especially in smaller sizes for runts like me.
  4. Yeah that'd be the biggest, the auburn store is a "superstore" two story joint, so that'd be the go or sniffing around all the smaller ones to find what you want or Sydney city motorcycles I guese.
  5. Also action Suzuki parra got some good sales going
  6. There's also Helmet Warehouse in Yagoona, the shop is small with a limited range but the service is good and they've always given me a better deal than MCAS, BikeBiz etc
  7. And Serbs :)
  8. This thread is a head scratched lol..........

    How could you mistak BGW as being inner west? or even remotely close to Paramatta Rd...........whatever you too dude during that ride, ill have what you were having heheheh :p.

    ACTION MC in Parramatta seem to have snapped up a whole bunch of the BGW gear and selling it for cheap, give them a try maybe.
  9. Never came back on this, thanks guys, I was being thick and was actually thinking of the MCAS store on parramatta road.