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Bike Gear Warehouse - Free Shipping - Positive Review

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by brownyy, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. This is a positive review for Bike Gear Wearhouse. They also advertise in the NetRider banners up there ^^^.

    My transaction:

    Yesterday I ordered some Pazzo levers, and had the shipping address to my home address in woodend. Paid with credit card. End of story.

    However I realised I wouldn't see them until next week due to the AusPost over night network doesn't include woodend. I tried searching their site for a phone number and or email, but only found an online chat icon. I thought I would give that ago.

    Once the chat window opened, it was responded too within 30 seconds. I asked if I could have the item shipped today, they said it will be shipped tomorrow. Oh well, I will have to wait. Talking to the person online was great, the person could speak english (i.e. someone from the sydney shop, not a call center type thing), they were fast to look up information and the entire issue was resolved within 2-3 minutes.

    Later in the day spawn suggest I try and change the shipping address to my work address as it was within the AusPost next day network. I contacted the team again, and they address was changed without any issues or dramas, and is been placed in the post today. Top work guys!!! =D>=D>

    Personally, most online shops I've dealt with are slow to respond to such requests, taking days, sometimes weeks. These guys were straight on to it. Brilliant I say.

    PLUS, they have free shipping in decemeber!!! Yep, FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!!! I got my Pazzo's for $225 instead of $260!!!

    Good job guys.

  2. wow i just checked out the exhausts on there site. within about 10-15% of the price of the cheapest US quote i could find.

    Good stuff and with fast free shipping and local backing i have no problem paying $70 more.

    how are the levers? Id love some black ones with red adjusters for the buell. the stock ones just dont adjust enough
  3. BGW is, of course, Mat Mladin's business venture and it seems to be getting very good press. With service like that, it's hardly surprising. Thanks, brownyy for bringing it to our attention. It's easy to whinge about poor service, but good service needs to be recognised and you've done that.
  4. Ben, not sure, hoping they arrive tomorrow. Same, my stock ones don't adjust enough as I would like otherwise I'd just cut them to make shorties.

    rc36, yep, when people go out of their way to make me happy such as a business, its only fair they receive the due credit. Likewise in reverse, *couch* steve's shit photos *cough*.
  5. Just ordered a jacket for Liz. Hoping it arrives before Xmas.
  6. Thanks for the heads up.

  7. The dealers hate him though as he's shafted a lot of them. That's business though I guess.

    All those that whinge about the banners, chew me. Thanks to them people are actually getting stuff at great prices. so ner!!!!!
  8. They have a huge warehouse in Narellan, which I checked out the other week. Not much variety of brands in terms of clothing gear, predominantly Joe Rocket stuff.

    It's a haven for Gixxer owners though.. accessories galore and a perve at some of the nice custom race bikes they have on show there. They do have a few parts for the Jap Four if anyone was interested.
  9. My pazzo's arrived this morning, overnight post (express platinum no less). very impressed.

    Pity they don't have more triumph (street triple) accessories but I think I'm almost done now with the bling.

    yea right :LOL:
  10. Ordered some Pazzo's for my old man for xmas too :) nice bunch to deal with.
  11. Just got my Pazzo's...!!! Will fit them tonight or tomorrow... woot!

    They came in AusPost Express Platinum, which is moved and handled by Australian Air Express, who are currently not on strike...! ;) (f#$k you AusPost)
  12. Well he did make all his money racing GSXRs fitted with Yoshi performance stuff, and wearing JR leathers.

    Must get down there one day - can anyone tell me if there's much for earlier model gixxers (say, 2000 K1?) or is it all late model stuff?
  13. Got a yoshi s/o from them about a month ago for my cbr600 after looking at U.S sites and seeing the prices weren't that much more after the shipping and exchange rate. Great alternative and worth the extra bit to support an Aust business with the warranty support and without the wait for overseas shipping to get my grubby hands on it. Huge warehouse however mostly limited to Joe rocket, yoshi and jardine gear
  14. check out the new bling! :)

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  15. very nice!
  16. The service there is great.

    I bought some Pazzo's a few months back. I wanted a long clutch lever and short brake lever. Used the online chat and had it all sorted out very quickly.

    A big thumbs up from me (y)
  17. I told everyone I'd ask endless questions when I first introduced myself about a week ago.. Ahem.

    What are Pazzo's? :D

    (With my incredible logic, I've already worked out that Gixxer's are GSXR's :p)
  18. They are a brand of lever to replace your OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) levers
  19. See also ASV, CRG, FP racing etc.

    Generally smaller and prettier than the stock levers, often with more adjustability.
  20. Thanks vic :)