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Bike, Gear, the whole kit and kaboodle..

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Guy, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Gday,

    Been hovering over the forum for a couple of weeks now, while getting finances organised for a bike + all related; and, of course - doing my research.

    Bike -
    I will most likely be going with the Hyosung GT250R, just need to make sure Im comfortable on it, and feels like the right bike for me; this whole thing started when a white one caught my eye walking through the CBD. Looked awesome; obviously a recent model GT250R EFI, though I may just be going with a 2007'ish black/red model as they are more common and $ has to be factored (looking to spend about 3.5k on the bike itself), and it appears I'm likely to damage it in some way in the first few months learning, anyway.

    I'm actually buying it for a commute, to cut down the ridiculous time (3-4 hrs return) it takes me to get to work, and I refuse to swap public transport for a just-as-slow-if-not-slower car commute to the city from outer suburbs (Melb) + parking.

    Which brings me to the reason I'm posting..

    Gear -
    Having a really hard time isolating gear. There are many many items out there, and from looking around the forums I've found boots/gloves that seem good, but the main event - jacket and pants - is confounding me.

    I realise winter's coming, but I really feel buying summer/meshier gear and supplementing with a jumper would be a preferable way for me to go. I don't really feel the cold (Im sure it will be much harsher on a bike travelling along), so I was hoping to find a good well ventilated jacket + pants that offer great support/"resistance to death", that I can just throw waterproofing over (which seems to be ~$30, as long as you dont mind looking like a git for a bit).

    Am I on the right track here....

    Which brings me to the pricing/sourcing dillema. Wtf is going on here.. I at least feel the boots and gloves Im looking at are decent, but the price differences are crazy, here's an example -

    AlpineStars GP Plus Jacket
    From Peter Stevens, $450 "On special clearance". [ Here ]

    From RevZilla, $300, regular. [ Here ]

    Now I realise RevZilla aren't in AU, but that's a huge difference, assuming I can just go try one on, and order it from there, is there any reason not to? Im finding similar discrepancies on gear pricing for pants, gloves etc.

    Finally.... Could someone recommend a good set of gear ? The only things Im happy with at the moment are the boots (AlpineStars SMX5) and gloves (AlpineStars SP1), so I figure getting some complimenting AS jacket + pants would round it off, bearing in mind Im looking at summer gear (+supplementing for heat).

    Any advice, greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post, just trying to pass on all the information I have, and confusion that Im going through!

  2. Make sure you really trust the maintenance history of the hyo you're looking at buying. They don't call Hyosung's dung flungs for nothing.

    Gear pricing is a can of worms that's been openened many times on NR.
  3. I woudlnt get a Hyo, I have never owned one either!! It is from what I constantly hear.
    Thats my personal opinion. Are you on 'L's? Have you considered other bikes? Other's will be saying, 'please consider, please consider' :)
  4. bike problem fixed, just get the gear now.. :)
  5. There is that thing about walking into a store to try stuff on/possibly occupy staff members' time and then just eff them off and buy cheaper online.
    I try buy as much of my gear/accessories as I can from my favourite store as ya know, no sales = no store. Plus they have some awesome useful people to deal with anyway.

    What are you after in terms of pants? If just abrasion-resistant jeans; get Draggins. If knee protection, I recall seeing textile pants (possibly A*) with the knee guards in them. I'll probably get a pair myself when I upgrade to a bigger bike.

    Jacket; I had such a painful time searching for one. Make sure the fit is right; you don't want the elbow/shoulder thingies moving around and not being where they should be, if you have an off. My jacket is an all-rounder; textile with vents (not mesh), and a removable winter liner. Some people reckon vented jackets aren't enough for the heat but each to their own. The idea of wearing other warm clothes under your mesh jacket should be fine, just wanna make sure the wind isn't still cutting through that.

  6. Not really, other than using a local shop just to try gear on is bit rude, and buying abroad is hurting local businesses. Also be aware you won't have any warranty, so if something like a zipper fails (and they do) then you'll have to pay for the repair.

    Your money, your choice :angel:
  7. bought my first leather apparel in the stores too, also cuz I couldn't wait to use it immediately. Knew my size and it was pretty much spot on for everything else then. Been buying online since as they are mostly brand new and have a better feel to it (and cheaper) compared to the shops which they have been sitting for the longest time (for clearance items) and have been tried on by countless people that some are already well seasoned. Note that online includes interstate and overseas. Alpinestars do have a sizing chart which is pretty accurate for me besides the height where I'm about 1-2 cm taller than my supposed size.

    I would prefer leather over textile personally as it fits and feels better on me. It's not that hot on warm days somehow, and yet still manages through chilly mornings. Have yet to test it in the middle of winter though.

    I'm riding a faired bike so gloves are more important for the warmth factor as I can get by the wind chill by tucking in slightly behind the windshield on the freeways. It's also a good workout for the thighs and back. ;)
  8. I brought some stuff from Bikers Gear on Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully. The bloke there is Imran, a really nice and helpful person. You will find that his prices are pretty good.
  9. If you buy a Hyo you can save on gear

    ...because you won't be riding :LOL: Sorry couldn't resist.

    Personally with winter coming on I would ge a non-vented jacket for warmth and next summer think about getting a vented one.
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  10. get the 650,
    less problems, less work on the engine and more performance
    but more importantly less problems
  11. I was in a similar position to you very recently, buying all of my first set of gear. Like you I found Helmet, Gloves and Boots which looked good on the net, but found it tough to narrow down Jacket & Pants. My recommendation? Go into a well staffed shop!! I spent a couple of hours with some great staff (Peter Stevens), learnt a lot, slightly changed glove and boot choice, and got some great gear for me (RST Ventillator 3). I bought from the store as they'd given me such great service, and the net wasn't really that much cheaper.

    I think especially for your first set of gear, you really need to touch, see and feel the gear, and see what suits you. And if the prices are ballpark with the net, support the store which helped you out.
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  12. If you are looking for kevlar jeans its a no-brainer to get the motolegion from Takamii on here, rather than Draggins. They include knee and hip armour. Great value.
  13. Thanks for the varied responses guys... Really disappointing feedback on the bike, I really liked it :(

    I have no problem buying clothes from a store, even if the prices are close, it's when there's a +50% markup on something that's already "reduced", that it bothers me. If it's online for $300 and the shop has it for $330/350, yeah sure, no worries, but it piles up cost wise, after a few big markups.

    I could understand it if the exchange rate was still $US70c, but it's not!

    So in terms of actual pieces of gear, any specific pieces I should research, or just go into a shop and start trying everything on? I prefer to know what I'm after, more or less, and be well researched, particularly when entering a new market.

    Going back to the bike .. Are the problems documented anywhere, an opinion, or second hand opinion (mate had a cousin, who saw one flying across the sky once, sort of thing)?

    Thanks again. :)

    Edit: I did look at Takamii's website, and I meant to message him, some parts of it show well, others just show without any styling, it's quite hard to navigate around.. but it then redirects you to "stores" -> motorcyclegear.com.au (or whatever it was), in Vic? And the forum consensus seems to be that kevlar pants aren't very good (also that my chosen bike isn't very good!)
  14. Just start trying stuff on. With a bit of help you'll quickly work out what you like/need. Leather, textile, winter, summer, removable linings, armour etc.
  15. It's "online" in the US which has a different set of costs and market size and a bunch of other factors compared to the "off line" price in Australia. What's the delivered cost? How does that compare?

    Probably doesn't need to be said, but don't be tempted to buy a super cheap pakistani made leather jacket. They are cheap for a reason. Have a read of Liz Derome's "Good gear guide". You will learn more than you ever need to know about what makes quality gear.
  16. Actually the 250's the reliable one. Well the cheaper one to repair anyway.

    I got my first set of gear in stores, gives you a chance to wander about and see what suits.
  17. all i'd say is don't have a preconception of what you want....walk in and sus it out yourself ...let the staff help point you in the direction of the different variations ect...be open to walk out of the shop with something completely different to what you originally had in mind.
  18. hmm,
    where i work (the guys who sell them) the 650 is regarded as the best of the lot in terms of relaibiltiy. its a heavy bike and the 250 just works too hard.
    honestly, the bikes arent that bad. but the reg rec is known to catch alight... we get about one a week.

    most of the problems are caused by the owners.... most seem to be foreighners who dont care for their bikes and cant reall ride, who dont maintain the bikes at all